A Few Things Trump Has Recently Acquired


Paul Ryan's Spine

Paul Ryan’s Spine



Kellyanne Conway's Soul

Kellyanne Conway’s Soul



Sean Spicer's Underwear

Sean Spicer’s Underwear



A Glass Of Vladimir Putin's Semen

Glass Of Vladimir Putin’s Semen



Chris Christie's Balls

Chris Christie’s Balls

A Complaint From Aquaman


You know what really sucks?  When you buy a new superhero suit and they forget to tell you it will shrink if you get it wet.  I’m AQUAMAN!  I live under water.  Why in Neptune’s name would I want a suit that you can’t get wet?  If they don’t give me my money back, I’m gonna toss me a damned hissy-fit to end all hissy-fits!  Harrumph!

A Word From John The Baptist’s Head


What up, peeps?  John the Baptist’s severed head here.  Ya’ know, a lot of folks ask me, “John the Baptist’s severed head, what’s the most inconvenient thing about being a severed head?”  Well, there are many inconveniences to my current predicament, my inability to wank off due to the fact I’ve no hands and no penis being one.  But, the MOST inconvenient thing about all this is that every time I eat or drink something, it just comes pouring outta my neck a second after I swallow it.   This one time, I was on a date with this smokin’ hot Italian babe I met in Rome.   We were sittin’ in a restaurant,  enjoying a light, flirtatious conversation, when she says to me, “John’s severed head, you simply MUST taste this wonderful wine I’m having.”  She then proceeds to pour, like, a whole glassful of the stuff right down my gullet.   Needless to say, red wine shot outta my severed neck like water from a fire hose on steroids.  It got all over her and all over the table where we were sitting.  Yeah, that was the end of that date.  She drove me home and promised she’d text me later to set up another date, but I never heard from her again.  Can’t really say I blame her.   Now days I spend most of my time alone, watching TV and eating as little as is humanly possible.  Life’s just simpler this way, and far less messy.

Einstein Quote For Today


“Ouch!  God dammit!  I stubbed my little toe on that friggin’ couch over there!  SON  OF  A  BITCH!  Whose bright idea was it to put it there?  Mother of Christ, but this hurts like hell!”   Albert Einstein, May 12th, 1942

A Request From Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner

Hi.  Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, here.   Before I get started, let me warn everyone reading this, I'm VERY sensitive about 2 things: The tiny wings on my feet, and the big, pointy crown on my head.  Make fun of them, or giggle at them, and I'll stick my big-ass scepter up your tushy.  So, no laughing.  Now, on to business.  As many of you may know, I live underwater in the Kingdom of Atlantis.  Yes, Atlantis, remember now, no laughing.  Thing is, in Atlantis, the only thing we wear are s

Hi. Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, here.  Before I get started, let me just warn everyone that I’m VERY sensitive about a few things: the tiny wings on my feet, the big, pointy crown on my head, and people thinking I’m a dandy because I’m dressed in this tiny Speedo.  Make fun of these things, or giggle at me in any way because of them, and I’ll stick my big-ass scepter up your tiny tushy.  So, no laughing.  Now, on to my request.  As many of you may know, I live underwater in the Kingdom of Atlantis.  Oh, no laughing about that either.  I live in Atlantis and I’m a Prince.  Deal with it.  But I digress.  My purpose for coming here today is to ask people who swim in the ocean to please stop peeing in it.  I LIVE IN IT, PEOPLE!  Do I come into your home and pee in it?  Of course not.  So, please, stop peeing in mine.  It’s friggin’ gross.  Thanks, and have a nice day.

Bird Poops On Man, Man Upset

Look Out Below!

Look Out Below!

Chicago, Illinois.    A Chicago man today became deeply distraught when he was pooped on by a large bird while waiting for a bus.   “It was horrible,” said the man in question, Jimmy John-John Muckinheimer The Third.  “I was minding my own business, waiting for the bus, when suddenly, from outta nowhere, a big white bird flies over my head and relieves itself all over my left shoulder.   The woman standing next to me almost passed out from shock as I screamed, ‘Oh my f-ing Lord, I’ve been shit on by a bird!’   After regaining somewhat of my composure, and assuring the woman I was unharmed, I called 911 to report the incident.   I must say, the 911 operator seemed almost annoyed by my call but, he did send out a patrol car to check on the situation.  I missed two buses while waiting for the police to arrive, but when they did, they helped me clean the poop off my shoulder with a wet-wipe, took down my statement, and told me they’d keep an eye out for the bird least the crazy beast shit on someone else.  I gotta tell ya’, livin’ in a big city like Chicago has its advantages, but big-ass birds shittin’ on ya’ ain’t one of ’em.”