Because I Had Bone Spurs….

“I Wasn’t Able To Catch And Eat Tweety Bird.”   Sylvester the Cat, April 15th, 2011


“I Was Unable To Stand And Run When John Wilkes Booth Started Shooting At Me, So I Was Killed.”   April 15th, 1865


“I Had To Stay In My Car While Shooting Quail So I Wasn’t Able To Kill As Many Had I Been Able To Stand Up And Shoot Them.”  Little Old Lady, August 5th, 1999


“I Was Unable To Shoot And Kill Bugs Bunny Cause The Pain In My Foot, From My Bone Spurs, Caused Me To Cry Out When I Was Sneaking Up On Him.”  Elmer Fudd, December 3rd, 2001


“I Was Unable To Win The 100 Yard Dash At My High School Track Meet.”  Baby Girl, June 12th, 2014


“I Had To Defer My Enlistment In The U.S. Army 5 Times Even Though I’m The Toughest, Badly-est, Bigly-est Tough Guy To Have Ever, Ever Lived. No, Really, I Am. Really. I’m Manly, And I’m Tough.”  President Donald Trump, February 22nd, 2018

34 thoughts on “Because I Had Bone Spurs….

  1. How dare you Americans besmirch our dear queen…We have a good mind to reprise the War of 1812, invade and burn down the Whitehouse again!……
    Why are you all cheering?

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  2. Does this Orange Orangutan not have a speech-editing corp!!!??? 😮 Then they better have an emergency creation of STOP OPENING YOUR MOUTH corp because CLEARLY what’s happening now is not working and exacerbating adolescent logorrhea!!! 😨🤮


  3. But yet, every single time he gets a chance, he wants to talk about ‘honoring the troops’ when he did everything possible to NOT become ‘one of the troops’. How hypocritical that slug is. Not to mention, we have a draft dodger as Commander-In-Chief, now how ridiculous is that??!!!

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  4. I know this is wrong, but why does the Little Old Lady scare me most? One ran me over with a shopping cart once when I worked as a grocery clerk. She had blue hair and screamed at me: “Get outta my way!” 😦

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  5. Trump talks tough but anyone with an ounce of tough can see what a sissified wuss he really is. The man disgusts me on many fronts.

    I commented somewhere a while back tRump reminded me of an a beagle I had a long time ago. Stupid dog would squat and piss anytime you said boo! If you took away the protection tRump has from his money and his security detail, and put him in a room with anyone who can handle a splinter without crying for mommy, and that person said Boo! tRump would piss himself.

    That is what we have for a president. Nevermind the fact he is so many other disgusting things, too many to count, to boot.

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  6. Just home from work and it’s nice to have a laugh! thanks.

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  7. Did you see Captain Bone Spurs said he would have run into that school, even if he wasn’t armed?

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  8. Ah! how all the connections fall into place. I think Trump and Elmer Fudd have something in common with their idiotic sense. Excellent satire. Love this.

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  9. I also am “like, really, really smart.” And this is what helped me to fool those recruiter guys that I had bone spurs.

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  10. All I could think about when he said he’d have gone in to the school even if he didn’t have a gun was, “Yeah, right, Senior Draft Dodger! Unless your bone spur was playing up on you.”

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