Massive Caravans Of Scotsmen Invading America Since Biden’s Inauguration

Violent, Angry, Armed Scottish Immigrants Began Storming Into The U.S. On January 20th, 2021

U.S./Scottish Border, Texas.   Well, it looks like former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies were right about caravans of illegal immigrants charging into America if Biden were to become President.  Since President Biden’s inauguration on January 20th more than twenty thousand wild, feral, armed Scotsmen have charged across the U.S./Scotland border in southern Texas into America.  “These are horrible, disease-carrying, armed rapists with funny accents who ate my entire herd of cattle raw,” said one Texas cow-herder who prefers to rename nameless.  “I also strongly believe these people to be homosexuals because..well..because most of ’em are men and they’re wearin’ dresses,” the man said.   When asked to comment on the situation, President Biden had only this to say: “What, do you have something against a good plate of haggis?  Don’t you like bagpipe music?  Hell, let the Scots come!   This is America!  Everyone’s welcome here!  Even guys who talk funny and wear dresses instead of pants!”  Stay tuned to this blog for further developments on this ongoing situation.

29 thoughts on “Massive Caravans Of Scotsmen Invading America Since Biden’s Inauguration

  1. Nan, I’ll give this “use classic editor” thing one more time but I must tell you, I’m ready to give up. I started this blog for fun, and WP is simply stressful and not fun at all to use. I just have about 3 seconds of time left to eff with this crap and I’m done. BTW, I must have deleted your email address. I can’t find it. Would you be so kind as to shoot me a quick email so I can then return the favor? Thanks.


  2. Are you on some sort of extended vacation? GET UP! Write already!!!


  3. Did the article say ‘which’ states. A mob of kilt wearing men might be fun.

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  4. ”Y’dinnae ken, laddie!”

    Of course, if we ever find this Ken chap, we can ask him what all the fuss is aboot … sorry … I mean about! Bloody Norwegians!!!

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  5. Oh my gosh! You are right! They all have two arms!

    What worries me is the invasion of intellectually challenged rednecks, with guns.

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  6. Scotland/US border! I am sure of you pass this by some people they will believe it

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  7. I’ve been good friends with a Scottish bloke for over twenty years but I still can’t summon up the courage to admit to him that I haven’t understood a single word he’s said to me.

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  8. I am STILL waiting for those haggis trucks on every corner that we were promised!

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  9. “These are horrible, disease-carrying, armed rapists with funny accents who ate my entire herd of cattle raw,”
    Pretty close to the truth. The Romans built a wall to keep them out, perhaps you could do the same……Oh sorry you got one on the go already I believe.

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