And Unto Mankind A Savior Is Born

Merry Christmas to the millions of readers of this blog from Our Lord ‘n Savior, Baby Jesus. May the love, empathy, kindness, and beauty of this wonderful infant watch over you and yours on this, the very eve of His most blessed birth.

Biden Breaks Foot Kicking Trump In Diaper-Covered Ass

“I kicked him in his big, fat, orange, poop-filled, diapered-ass and broke my god damn foot! Jesus, but does that guy lay a solid friggin’ load! OUCH!!”

OAN City, California.   President-elect Joe Biden today revealed he’d broken his foot while kicking current President Trump’s ass in the November 3rd election.  “Man, it felt GREAT to kick that guy’s ass, but, god damn, he musta laid a huge, solid load in his poopy diaper when I did it cause I broke my god damn foot on it!”   Soon to be ex-President Trump could not be reached for comment on this issue.  It’s believed he’d pooped his diaper again when we asked to speak to him and was being cleaned and changed when we called.