A Christmas Message From Baby Jesus

What’s up, y’all.  Baby Jesus here.  I just popped by my favorite blog, The Arm Chair Ponificator, to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all do something fun for the holiday that doesn’t involve anything illegal or unsavory.  Remember, my Pops is watching you, and he can be a real d*ck if you piss him off by doing naughty things.
I’m gonna celebrate my birthday by chillin’ in this lovely warm tub of soapy bubbles that smell like lavender.  Love it!  Later, baby Mary Magdalene will be coming over and I’m gonna impress the sh*t outta her by crawling on top of this water without sinking into it.   It’s great to be God!  Have a great holiday, everyone.  See ya’ next year.

16 thoughts on “A Christmas Message From Baby Jesus

  1. Hah! We should be sharing this post on White Supremacist sites. Possibly they would make you famous by putting you up on the next burning cross. 😀


  2. Hahaha! Wow, what curly curly hair Bejebus has — gorgeous! 😉

    Happy safe, fun holidays to you & yours Jeff… and happy New Year’s too!


  3. Must be something wrong with the exposure on that picture, something is off I just can’t quite put my finger on it… 😉

    May your holidays be enjoyable and your company recently showered.


  4. He’s so cute! Happy holidays! 🙂


  5. Hey man! You really goofed big time. This ain’t Baby Jesus! The real Jesus is white as the driven snow. Ain’t you seen no pictures of the guy? SMH

    BTW, Merry Holidays. Looking forward to more laughs from thedivine1 in ’18.


  6. Have a good one, my learned friend.


  7. Felicitations to you good (God) this Yuletide!

    Esme waving from her sick bed upon the Cloud


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