God Shaves Beard, Looks Great

God With Beard Looking "Old Testamentish"

God With Beard Looking “Old Testamentish”

God Clean Shaven And Happy

God Clean Shaven And Happy

The All Powerful God Almighty stunned followers and detractors alike today when He appeared without His trademark beard at a “Denny’s” Restaurant in Chicago. “I thought it was time for a dramatic change in my looks,” said The Almighty One. “I’ve been thinking seriously about reentering the dating world, and I’ve been told babes today like their men cleanly shaven. I think I look pretty damn hot for a guy who’s existed before there was an existence, wouldn’t you say?” The Logos then turned His attention toward flirting with the bosomy waitress serving Him His blueberry pancakes.



17 thoughts on “God Shaves Beard, Looks Great

  1. Wait a damn minute! I thought Morgan Freeman was god?

  2. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    One more item to add to Flynn’s bucket list: Date clean-shaven OLD fart. Amen!

  3. OMG, you are too much!

  4. Since he was before existence, did he start counting his age when time began or how does it tell its age?

  5. LOL . he loves blueberry pancakes at denny’s, who knew.oh you knew.denny’s stock should go up now

  6. Did not know he was so old.

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