Take This Quiz To Find Out How Big Of A Trump Supporter You Are

This Trump quiz was written by, and co-sponsored by, Russian President Vladimir Putin and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.  Take it to see just how big of a Trump supporter you truly are.

1.) Climate change is:  A.) Bullshit  B.) A liberal sob story with no basis in reality  C.) An attempt by Hillary Clinton to rule the world  D.) The true last name of Barrack Obama  E.) All of the above

2.) Evolution is:  A.) A Type of New York style pizza  B.) An atheist attack on Christmas  C.) Something you don’t truly understand but criticize anyway because it’s easier to do that than to actually find out more about it  D.) Whatever Donald Trump tells you it is  E.)  All of the above

3.) The most unfairly treated person in world history is:  A.) Jesus Christ  B.) OJ Simpson  C.) John Wayne Gacy  D.) Any child with painful, terminal brain cancer  E.) Donald Trump

4.) Donald Trump’s penis is:  A.) The biggest penis ever  B.) Elephant sized  C.) Used frequently near or around women without their consent D.) Oranger than the rest of him E.) Called “Donny’s ‘lil man” by Vladimir Putin

5.) Robert Mueller is:  A.) A mother fucker  B.) A brutish, liberal thug who’s out to get President Trump  C.) Never sober  D.)  Leading an unwarranted witch hunt against Donald Trump  E.)  All of the above

6.) Reality is:  A.) Whatever Donald Trump says it is  B.) Not anything the liberal media says it is  C.) A fluent, movable thing that rarely is the same thing two days in a row  D.) Based solely on opinion and nothing more  E.) All of the above

7.) Donald Trump is orange because:  A.) He eats a lot of carrots  B.) All superior human beings are orange  C.) It’s Putin’s favorite color  D.) He isn’t really orange, you idiot.  You’re eyes are just playing tricks on you  E.) He gets peed on a lot

8.) Christmas is:  A.) Something Muslims hate  B.) A capitalist’s wet dream  C.) A time to not give gifts to people you hate so they’ll REALLY know you hate them  D.) Warred on yearly by non-believing, atheist bastards  E.) All of the above

9.) Canada is:  A.) America’s biggest enemy  B.) A country filled with weenies  C.) A country filled with oddballs who talk funny  D.) Physically too close to America for comfort  E.) All of the above

10.) Alternate facts are:  A.) The only true facts  B.) True only when a spokesperson for Donald Trump states them  C.) Preferable over true facts  D.)  Not alternate so much as real  E.) All of the above



30 thoughts on “Take This Quiz To Find Out How Big Of A Trump Supporter You Are

  1. I tried to take that quiz, but found myself in a non answerable corner every time lol.

    I’ll take the zero 😉

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  2. Send a copy of the quiz to the folks at Fox!


  3. The saddest part of this quiz is that only under the likes of a trump would these questions be necessary. The answer options come from the mouth of so many republicans. Time for changes, please hurry and get here November.


    • I agree. November can’t get here fast enough. Tomorrow the Freedom Caucus members of the House are introducing impeachment papers for Rosenstein–not the treasonous bastard, tRump, but one of the guys investigating his criminal empire. Doubt much will come of it. They’re just trying to show tRump and the idiots who worship him that they’re on their side. Fucking traitors and criminals.

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  4. (Hand raised)
    Just two questions before I answer the quiz.
    Is it a requirement that to answer these questions you must have part of your brain removed? Or am I allowed to consult Alex Jones’ website?


  5. I know one more thing. Kavanaugh is going to be a nightmare!


  6. Shhhh, they’re having their no-not-secret meeting.


  7. Awesome – love it!!! And, you know, Christmas might just very well be E) All of the above. 😀


  8. Wow! You make it REALLY difficult to decide on some of the answers! “All of the above” seems to fit best. 😀


  9. Trump and Putin will be alone in a room together. That is a chill. At least we know that both of them will lie about everything that was said. So we will never know what went down. But what will Trump agree to . He wants to reset the world order. And he is doing it. What will be left will be different. That is what I know.

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  10. I didn’t get through #4 before I was HOOTING! . You NUT!! Big grin. …

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