Dear Christians, It Is Not Your God I Hate, It’s You

I came across this cognitively impaired article yesterday which addresses an issue some Christians seem to think non-believing bastards like me have with their god and/or the Biblical figure of Jesus. They claim we hate them:

Not Your Made Up God

Not Your Made Up God

Apparently, the omnipotent, all-knowing Christian who wrote this article knows every atheist personally, and he knows with absolute certainty that every single one of them, including me, hates the specific god he believes in. This hatred is evident because, in this idiot’s damaged mind, disbelief in his god equates with hatred of his god. Interesting. I don’t believe in Allah, Thor, Zeus, Osiris, or Athena either. Does that mean I hate them too? No. No, you asshole, it does not mean anything of the sort. I do not hate your god, you fuck head. I do not believe in gods, yours include. Thus, you have no god for me to hate. Also, I do not hate Jesus. I like him, actually. However, I see absolutely nothing of Jesus in you, nor in any Christian I’ve ever known.

Gandhi Said It Too, Asshole

Gandhi Said It Too, Asshole

There is nothing of Jesus in Christianity. Nothing whatsoever. So, let me be frank, you fucking asshole, it is not some non-existent god of yours I hate. It’s you. I hate you, you fucking dog-ass licker. Just you. I hate you because you’ve gone out of your way to insult my intelligence and my integrity with your article about non-believers. I’m taking your generalizations very personally, ass-face. And, now, I’m crudely insulting you, you fucking tampon, because, unlike you, I admit I’m a petty person.

So Now I'm Gonna Show You

So Now I’m Gonna Show You

And I take great satisfaction from saying petty, mean things to insulting pieces of Christian shit like you. You went out of your way to insult me with your generalizations about non-believers in your article. You’ve never even met me, you fucking cock sucker. You’re spineless, and I direct all of my hate right at you and only you. You are a meaningless, pointless, waste of life. The next time you write insulting, derogatory lies about non-believers, I’m going to find out who and where you are and come after you. And when I find you, I’m going to beat you so hard and for so long that you’ll promise me you’ll suck my cock just to make me stop. And I will stop. I’ll stop, and I’ll make you suck me off until I cum down your lying throat, you miserable fucking asshole. Now, go spank yourself with a long, braided belt. You’ve been a very nasty fucking bitch today. How do you feel now, shit ball? Hated? Good. Cause you are.


26 thoughts on “Dear Christians, It Is Not Your God I Hate, It’s You

  1. LOL!!!!!

  2. So subtle and sublime, you crack me up every time.

  3. …is it just me or is that big neon “the finger” sign strangely phallic in nature?

  4. Well Done. I like this one quite a bit. There are days I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. The possibility that they are simple little minds molded to do/say/behave the way they were programmed to. I try to see that they are not all ignorant, backwater, inbred, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging rednecks. Then there are days I feel much like what you have written here. πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean. I just get tired of being polite all the time when talking about them and this day I had had enough. It’s my blog, so what the hell, if I can’t express some anger now and then, why do it. And this kinda shit makes me angry.

  5. “And, now, I’m crudely insulting you, you fucking tampon, because, unlike you, I admit I’m a petty person.”

    Best line ever! Is the phrase ‘you fucking tampon’ copyright protected by you,or am I allowed to use it next time my landlord comes over?

    I read the article you linked to. It’s painful. Sinfully painful, one might say. The shortsightedness is of course what’s to be expected from someone who believes god is loving (I’ve been going through the old testament lately and I can’t say he was particularly loving to non-Jews…and even the Jews themselves were often in big shit for being, well, human, but never mind that for now), but the assumptions about atheists’ supposed hatred for god is nothing short of arrogant (which is arguably what happens to shortsightedness when your beliefs get cornered)…I understand your anger, but look at it from the bright side: 40/50 years from now people will look back at present day creationists and ridicule them the way we ridicule segregationists today. Trust me, there will come a day god will be but a rumor. We may not live to see it, but it’ll come.

    For we all know scientology is the real true religion! Surely someone as attractive as Tom Cruise can’t be wrong! (in other words: people one or two generations from now will no doubt argue about other stupid stuff, but there’s not a doubt in my mind creationism is going extinct like the dinosaurs that didn’t fit on board Noah’s ark.)

    Also, don’t stick your cock in a fucking tampon. I wouldn’t want you to get hepatitis. Not like that anyway;) Unless of course you got vaccinated for hepatitis. In that case I see no reason why you should show any mercy. Read the bible: It’s not like god scores many points when it comes to mercy (just ask those dinosaurs!)

    Seriously, while I don’t hate god the way Christians tend to picture him, I can’t say I’m a big fan of the guy that says when a virgin gets raped and somehow fails to call for help, she should be stoned. Or a god that says when a man finds out his new wife isn’t a virgin anymore, she ought to be stoned. (I’ve been going through the bible as part of this ‘Book of F.A.G.G.O.T. project I’m working on and my god, it’s the most depressing work of fiction I ever came across!)

    • The Qur’an is just about as bad as the Bible. And don’t worry, my “anger” here is, well, just a tad “made up” and deliberately jacked up cause, well, I get a kick out of writing rageful, one-sided, foul-language laden, posts just because I can. Also, it illustrates how little respect I have for anyone who thinks they’ve the right to define who I am based on their fucked up belief that they can read minds. So, if someone wants to do that, I can do this. I’m a petty childish imp, and I fucking love it.

  6. Damn, that goes back to 2011! Who knows, in that time he might have found reason and jettisoned his cosmic bugaboo.

    • Naw. He’s still at it. I was reading a much more recent post on some apologists blog dismissing the blood shed in the Bible and the link to this was embedded in it for some reason. Just used it as fuel so I could blow off steam and swear a lot in a post. I rarely do that, and felt like I needed to today. He’s tried to respond already too. But because I’m such a petty childish prick, and because I know it pissed him off to do it, I spammed him. God, it’s the little things that make life worth living.

    • Here’s the main page link to the mind opening site this link was on :
      Look around a bit. You’ll love it there.

    • The title alone is a ticket to wonderland!

    • Ain’t it though? I was on it awhile before coming upon the “all atheists hate god” shit and I lost it. Had to make a broad angry statement or I’d undo ten years of PTSD treatment.

    • Be sure to peruse it at your leisure though. It is one of the finest examples of ranting lunacy I’ve read yet.

  7. You know my friend, I’ve been in so much trouble over the past years for refusing to be called an atheist, precisely because that would lessen my human right to hate ANY god, existent or not, terrestrial or ET, for all what’s been done by such a being, which I wish would exist just to make sure some day will be held accountable for the genocide of all beings who ever lived on this planet.
    After 20 years wasted believing in any trace of justice and goodness present in such a being, I have come to understand more than enough to know that a grain of truth must be hidden in the common religious heritage of humanity, with life probably being the result of something similar to panspermia, with all christs and buddhas as our desire to a failed perfection…
    And I want this to be heard and understood by all concocters of pragmatic and utilitarian morals and ethics, givers of false hopes and merchants of fake dreams, that I hate all their murderous gods they try to defend, and all their hypocritical lies, and I pity them, and despise them for acting like cowards against their conscience which reminds them every day that they are wrong, but they silence all small voices of reason, not because they want their promised rewards, but for fear of damnation. They have sold the justice humanity deserves, out of fear…
    Well, if there’s a hell, they will burn in it, because according to their bible, to love justice is all what’s required from humans…
    And their god is THE absolute of injustice…

    • Well put. I say I’m an a-theist because, as you can tell, I like to push the buttons of people who piss me off, and fascist theists piss me off. I feel what is was always in some form or another and there never was nothing. However, I do not know, really, the answers to everything. I’m lucky when I remember to wear pants, so omniscience is not something I have. No one else has it either, so whatever people ponder about the nature of things, if it makes their place more centered in the world, and they feel safe, then I’m happy for them. But tell me you KNOW absolute truths about gods and morality and that I’m wrong to not simply believe you, and you can go fuck yourself. What comforts me is the thought of a universe that simply exists because it exists. There’s nothing malevolent or benevolent done purposefully by said universe ever. Deserves got nothing to do with who dies horribly in an accident and who lives to be 104. Things just are. And I fucking love looking at this universe that just is because what is is so much more beautiful and wonderful than the invisible gods worshiped by theists that I sometimes pity their stupidity for not realizing it.

  8. Have you copyrighted the word ‘tampon’ as an insult or am I allowed to use it too? πŸ˜‰
    Awesome post by the way.
    Oh, how did you do in the BDSM quiz btw? My guess would be Switch!

    • Feel free to use the word. I’ve heard it used as an insult many times by a few dunder-headed guys back in my old hood growing up. We’d just toss out the most demeaning thing that came to mind when trying to insult one another. I was pretty fucking good at it. I scored as a submissive. Figured I would. I’m very active and eager to please, but I live to serve, as they say, sexually speaking that is. πŸ˜€

  9. Dude! Right Fucking On!
    Love this post!!!
    I am so sick of hyper-Christians et al (Muslims, etc) who Call me a ‘God Hater!”
    There is nothing to hate.
    Don’t these people understand what an Atheist is?
    No God
    No nada.
    Nothing to hate.
    He is not there.
    Difficult to hate nothingness (unless of course it is an empty glass which once held scotch and the promise of salvation)
    Peace be unto you, My Brother.

    • Thank you Sir. I use this blog for therapeutic purposes mostly, to express my rage on something other than myself. So it felt good to write this. I actually think Jesus, as he is presented in the Bible, seems great. I hate Christians, not their god. And if any of the bastards actually behaved like Jesus from the Bible was real, and mimicked his actions in the real world, I’d probably not hate them so much. But Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus and I really am sick of them. I’m not fucking going to be nice about it either. Fuckers.

  10. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:

    “Thus, you have no god for me to hate.”

    Forgive me/us for being slow in the understanding of “a-theists”. Your insults at these alleged “Christians” reflect their fugliness to/ward “non-believers”.

    • Yes. I slammed the proverbial hammer hard on this one cause it felt good to do it, and if these bastards want to make blanketed grandiose assumptions as to who I am, what I believe, and how I think, then they’re fair game. Fuck ’em. I can name call and be an asshole too, and I’m a lot better at it than these idiots for there’s no ground to low for me to go in order for me to show them just the type of respect I have for them. Thx for the reblog, btw. I appreciate it.

  11. A belter Sir!

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