Identity Politics And The White Christian

WAAAAAA!!! WAAAAA!!!! We white Christian people are discriminated against! WAAAAAA!!! We don’t like it!!!! WAAAAAA!!! Gays can hold hands in public and get married!!! WAAAAA!!!! Mexicans live next door to us!!! WAAAAAA!!!! We don’t like it!!!! What about OUR rights? WAAAAA!!!

The loudest, most annoying example of “identity politics” in today’s America, to me, is perpetrated by white Christians screaming about their “rights”. “Oh, we are SO mistreated! We have to live a world where gays can openly get married and, now get this, HOLD HANDS IN PUBLIC RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR WHITE KIDS!  What kind of world is this?  Christ, Mexicans are coming across the border in caravans and raping us and eating our babies by the MILLIONS!  What kind of world is this?!  We are abused, mistreated, maligned, and SO disadvantaged politically that, hell, for EIGHT YEARS, we had to endure, AND LOOK AT, a BLACK President!!!!  What kind of world is this?!  NEVER in the history of life on Earth has any group of people been more stepped on than white Christians are in today’s America.  WE deserve this country to be run the way WE want it to be.

America was founded by, and for, white Christians on, or about, 1950 by Jesus Christ, a FINE example of a white man if EVER there was one, I must say, and six, non-Jewish, white guys, over sixty years of age, who were rich as f**k.  There were NO people living in America until white people came here, killed off the dinosaurs that roamed the land, and built tax exempt Christian churches every 2 blocks all across the country.  Since all of this is undeniably true, why, oh, why do we poor, maligned Christian whites have to listen to, look at, and tolerate ANYONE who is not just like us?!  WHY????  We may seem, on the surface, like little whining, spineless snowflakes when we cry, bitch, and moan about how deeply our tender feelings are hurt because gays exist and Mexicans live across the street from us, but Jesus demands we do these things in his name.  It’s the way he wants things to be.  He’s right there with us, edging us on to fight for our right to be white, right, and Christian, helping us make our politics and our points of view the ONLY ones that should be heard and tolerated in America.

Oh, how we SUFFER!  Oh, how we hurt!  Oh, when, oh, when will we EVER get OUR chance to rule and lead in this country the way that hand-holding gays and Mexicans have for centuries?!  Until such a time comes, we will continue to whine, cry, bitch, moan, and be the biggest snowflakes we can be in order to defend our identity as whining, snowflake, white Christians who, like toddlers demanding every meal be made of candy, want everything around us to go our way and ONLY our way simply because that’s how WE want it to be.  May the blue-eyed whiteness of the all-tolerant, all-loving, Jesus Christ bless us all and help us make America become all white, all Christian and as free of gays and Mexicans as is humanly possible.  Amen.”

*My thanks to Scottie for inspiring this post.


59 thoughts on “Identity Politics And The White Christian

  1. When I read this…I read between the lines of how Trump and his supporters speak with such ignorance.

    hahahaha!!! this got me laughing though. I can’t believe people like this exist in our world.


  2. And when they finish bitchin’ ‘n whinin’ they might toodle off down to the local gun/toy store and get ’emselves a nice semi-auto equaliser!

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  3. Reality is being dreadfully unfair to them.
    I feel their ancestors were mislead by those fellows who put together your written constitution, as you can’t actually have Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness all the time. As such I shall right to Her Majesty The Queen and ask her if she could spare some time to write them an open letter of comfort and enjoining them to be of good cheer and bear their burdens with dignity and solemn countenance.
    (Either that or it’s me saying ‘Aww shut the f%!’* up!)
    Best wishes from the (presently) United Kingdom- with no hard feelings over all that business in the 1770s-

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  4. Mighty white of you. Otherwise you might have gotten black balled. Or a black mark by your name in the Good Book.

    Are these the same people who claimed that after Barack Obama was elected in 2008 that we had evolved into a post racial society?

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  5. A mighty fine rant, if I may say so.

    The only thing I’d add is “How dare our own white women demand equal pay and being treated as sentient creatures? Don’t they know how good they had it, being valued and cherished property? Protected from the scary brown and black people who would’ve spoiled their perfect, sparkly white bloodlines? Traitors, the lot of them WAAAAAAA!
    First they want to vote, then they want to work and have their own money!!?? What a travesty, daddy and hubby give you allowances, they know what’s best! And what about my sammich?! WAAH! Why can’t those traitors be like our fine Christian wimmin who know their place and drink the Kool Aid like they be told by Jesus hisself? It’s the end, the end of civilization I tell you!”

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    • Yeah, da women. What kin ya’ say. We needs em fer breedin’ ‘n cookin’ our food. And, luckily, lots of ’em simply do as we say and even defend us when we’s abusin’ ’em. I’m so proud of those Christian white women who stood up ‘fer poor Roy Moore in ‘Bama. What a poor, abused soul he is. All those awful women lyin’ about him! So glad da smart Republican, Christian women down there stood up fer ’em. Hell, he wants ta bring back slavery! What more do ya’ need ta’ love da guy den dat?!

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    • LOL… Jeff, I swear you type/write like you’re from way Deepest South — the anus of southern Alabama, Mississippi, or Lousiana — and nowhere near Chic-ka-go. 😉 😛

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    • WAAAAA!!! WAAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!!!! WHAT ABOUT ME!!!! WAAAAA!!! (This reply has nothing to do with your comment. I just felt like whining about how unfair everyone is to me. WAAAAAA!!!)

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    • LMAO 🤣


  6. Oh stop your bitchin’! You think you got problems now? Wait until us WOMEN take over!

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  7. I just realized I have been persecuting christians for 55 year because I am a gay man. My being born made them a victim. I was a bad baby. Hugs

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  8. Shouldn’t they be thrilled that the majority of Mexicans are quite conservative, and Christian?
    -Signed, A Little Confused.

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  9. Grand and so true. You know the christian creationist say if you did not see it , it didn’t happen. Soooo..As what you say is the truth, you have grand vision. Hugs

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  10. HOLY SHIT!!! What tha HELL is this!!!??? I did not subscribe to SoM’s or ColorfulSprinkles blog-posts!!! I’ve been mentally infected!!! How can I nuke this!!!??? 😨🤪

    😛 hehehe

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  11. Stop persecuting Christians with your words. There is war on Easter, Christmas and now even on hugs!

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  12. “America was founded by, and for, white Christians on, or about, 1950 by Jesus Christ…”

    LMAO!!! Ain’t it the truth! 😀

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