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I’m a firm believer in UFO’s.  I totally believe extremely credible people see objects that do amazing things in the sky that are 100% unidentifiable to them.    The key word here is “unidentifiable”.  My science fiction-loving brain immediately jumps to space creatures, inter-dimensional time travelers, and Star Wars when I hear such stories.    I WANT E.T. to visit and be an awesome friend to us.  I really do, and I truly see no way for there NOT to be life, even intelligent life, elsewhere in the universe if not even our own galaxy.   We, as humans, simply are not that special.  If “we” happened here, something else like “us” is certain to have happened elsewhere in the universe.

However, my skeptical brain always reminds me that just because credible people see UFO’s buzzing about, it doesn’t mean said objects are extraterrestrial in origin.  It simply means, credible people saw some really amazing shit that was truly unidentifiable to them when they saw it.  Here’s an example of one such story that I find to be quite fascinating.


When I watched the video in this story, it was hard me not to jump about and scream, “ALIENS ARE HERE!!!! ALIENS ARE HERE!!”  But I didn’t.  I believe the pilots who tell this story are being truthful and honest, and I believe I’m truly looking at footage of something zipping about and hovering over the water that is truly unidentified.  But WHAT it is exactly, I’ve no idea.  I hope one day we will find out that we are not alone and that benevolent aliens are out there checking us out.   But this story, though certainly a truly fascinating one, doesn’t convince me of this.   It does, however, convince me that objects of an unidentified origin are sometimes seen by people who are credible, believable, and trustworthy.  Check it out.

30 thoughts on “Check This Out

  1. I was a bit skeptic before with the existence of UFO’S.
    However, I do feel at times we’re not alone in our universe.

    Sure am hoping E.T. stops by and says hello. 🙂


    • I’m not skeptical that some very credible people see objects in the sky that are unidentified. I’m VERY skeptical when this then turns into, “Well, since I don’t know what it was, it MUST be proof that aliens are visiting us!” The word “unidentified” does not mean “space people”. It means “We don’t know.” It would be cool if benign aliens were visiting us, but I see no evidence for that. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to be believed, and “I saw something I could not identify” does not count as extraordinary evidence. I do believe we can’t possibly be alone in the universe, and, hopefully, one day, before I die, we’ll have proof of this–proof that hopefully involves something nice and not a “We come in peace to dominate your world” type of thing. That’d suck. 🙂


  2. As a firm believer in UFOs, they are real. I have seen many around me.


  3. IMHO the only way UFOs could probably be ETI is if something like hyperspace or wormholes would be real.


  4. Good post echoing my thoughts. There has to be life out there somewhere given the vastness of our observable universe. It may not be life as we would know it, but life nonetheless.

    As you said the likelihood of that life to get to our little neighborhood is the problem And as Scotty said even if they left thousands of years ago they would still be en route. The vastness of space and the ability to travel through it, with life spans such as ours, makes for a huge problem indeed.

    And yes, just because people see things that have yet to be identified does not mean they saw aliens from outer space. It simply means we do not yet know what it was. Jumping to absurd conclusions is reserved for the H channel and the tRump administration.

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  5. I agree there has to be life of different types, from microbes to sentient life out there in the universe, it simply is way too big to think not. However that same size means that even if an intelligent species knew we were here they couldn’t make the journey to see us. And if they started a few hundred or thousand years ago, they would still be traveling for a very long time. Given the time factor and that we know that all the resources on earth are likely all over the universe, it makes no sense to come in person. Send a probe, send signals, but I really doubt a ship of unknown life. Hugs

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  6. That video is really hard to draw anything from. There’s an awful lot of stuff we don’t know about. Hell, we didn’t know about jet lightning (shooting up, into space) until just a few years ago

    Still, I’m with you completely: I suspect life is common

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  7. I’ve got to see it to believe it! And if I did see ‘IT’, I would expect no one to believe me. I’m just one of those really weird people.

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    • Oh, I’ve no doubt people see things. I just do not think they’re seeing space ships. People truly seem to confuse “unidentified” with evidence of space guys. Last I checked, “unidentified” meant, “I got NO fuckin’ idea what it was I saw.”

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