Happy Mother Effin’ New Year Y’all!

“Have A Happy, Jolly New Year, And In Case You Didn’t Hear, Oh, By Golly Have A Happy, Jolly New Year This Year!”

Hope everyone but the bastards on the Nobel Prize Committee, who STILL refuse to acknowledge my self-awarded Nobel Prize, have a grand and safe effin’ New Year.  And let’s hope for a wonderful 2020, y’all!

10 thoughts on “Happy Mother Effin’ New Year Y’all!

  1. How long before the RWNJ’s believe there is a “war” against New Years?

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    • Well, there WAS a war on New Years, but Trump won it for us! Now, we can freely say “Happy New Year” once more. God bless Donald Trump, and fuck the libs for making him work so hard freeing us, and America/Russia. from their oppressive ways!


  2. Have a great year my friend.
    This year you must get your Nobel

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