Who Said Dat? A New Game For Readers Of TACP

Here’s a new game I created for TACP readers that has no intellectual merit to it at all and thus is quite proper for this blog. It’s called, “Who Said Dat?” and here’s how it works: I’ll write a phrase or saying, and below it list a few choices for who or what might have said it. Remember, some questions may have more than one proper answer. Make sense? OK then, here we go.

Jeff Foxworthy Asks: Who Said Dat?

Jeff Foxworthy Asks: Who Said Dat?

  1. I ordered bagels! Not matzo ball soup, you damn smuck!  Who Said Dat? A.) Yoda  B.) Muhammad  C.) Moses  D.) Mary Poppins
  2. I found an infidel behind a trash can praying the Rosary and I blew him up. Who Said Dat?  A.) Jesus  B.) Dr. Seuss  C.)  Batman  D.) A Muslim Jihadist

  3. I told them to do just the opposite, but many of my followers hate gay people. Who Said Dat? A.) Donny and Marie  B.) Barrack Obama  C.) Jesus  D.) Thor

  4. I want a fuckin’ Nobel Prize, and I’ll hound the Nobel Committee til they give me one! Who Said Dat? A.) Martin Luther  B.) TACP  C.) Mother Theresa  D.) Michael Jackson

  5. If caught raping little boys, simply say you’re sorry and you promise not to do it again if moved to an undisclosed parish where no one knows what you’ve done. Who Said Dat? A.) A Catholic Rapist Priest  B.) Davey Jones of the Monkees  C.) Ringo Starr  D.) Hilary Clinton

  6. Mind if I marry and fuck your 11-year-old daughter? Who Said Dat? A.) Muhammad  B.) Mickey Mouse  C.) Spanky from the Little Rascals  D.)  The Virgin Mary

  7. I saw a Jew poisoning your well last night. Let’s find him and kill him. Who Said Dat? A.) A Medieval Christian  B.) An 18th Century Christian  C.) A 21st Century Christian  D.) All of the above.

  8. The Earth is only 6000 years old and Genesis is 100% accurate. Who Said Dat? A.) An idiot  B.) A really BIG idiot  C.)  A guy who doesn’t get out much  D.) Ken Ham

  9. COOKIE!!!! Who Said Dat? A.) The Shadow  B.) Jesus  C.) Spiderman  D.) The Cookie Monster

'Nuff Said

‘Nuff Said

10.) Christian babies taste very good boiled. Who Said Dat? A.) An a-theist  B.) Mighty Mouse  C.) The Jew from question 7 who was poisoning the well.  D.) Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

15 thoughts on “Who Said Dat? A New Game For Readers Of TACP

  1. I’m pretty sure Mother Theresa wanted a Nobel Prize for sticking it out with poor bastards all her life, so I’m gonna go with C on 4.

    As for the rest:

    Great post…I never knew I like quizzes so much!


  2. Are these trick questions? Just kidding, very funny.


  3. D, D, C, B, A, A, D, (ABCD), D, A in that order.


  4. They would run this on Channel 4 TV this side of the pond!


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