Trump To Star In Incredible Hulk Remake

Donald Trump As The Incredible Baby

Gamma Ray City, New York.   Marvel Studios announced today they will be remaking The Incredible Hulk with Donald Trump in the starring role.   “Yes,” Marvel Studios spokesperson, Sally Wannawail, said earlier.  “We’ve just signed President Trump to star in our new Netflix show, The Incredible Baby.  The show is a remake of the classic Incredible Hulk TV show from the 70’s.   This time, however, instead of a dose of gamma rays turning Bill Bixby into a raging green beast, the show will involve Mr. Trump being turned into a whining, green, little baby every time something doesn’t go his way.   Our first episode shows Mr. Trump as a 21-year-old receiving a draft notice for the Vietnam War and not wanting to go.  He brings the notice to his father who tells him, ‘You know, Donald, your country needs you, and it isn’t very patriotic to not honor your country’s call.’  Upon hearing this, Mr. Trump transforms, for the first time into…The Incredible Baby!  He cries, pouts, screams, poops his pants until, finally, his very wealthy father finds a doctor who’ll, for a price,  write a letter stating Donald has bone spurs and thus can not go to Vietnam.   This calms Mr. Trump down, and he reverts to his adult self, until……Watch Netflix this coming September to find out!”

18 thoughts on “Trump To Star In Incredible Hulk Remake

  1. Will it be filmed in North Korea?


  2. Can one but advanced tickets


  3. The photo of the G7 they used on the BBC news I thought Merkel was going to punch his lights out, you’ve got a gem there, The Incredible Sulk.

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  4. Lou Ferrigno is getting really angry right now.


  5. “You know that embarrassing feeling when your toddler has a tantrum in public, and you have to apologize to neighbors? Americans feel that way: Our toddler has just had a tantrum at the G7 summit. Sorry, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Italy”
    -Nicholas Kristof

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  6. Finally A true life story of our glorious leader. 🤣🤣🤣

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  7. That explains why tRump has been able to remain such a baby through 71 years of living. It is a feat worth a nappy and a pacifier. Hugs


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