Trump Claims D-Day Named After Him

Fib City, New York.   President Trump today claimed D-Day is a day named after and for him.   “Of course D-Day was named in honor of me,” Trump said earlier.   “My name is Donald, and it starts with a ‘D’.  How much more evidence do you need?  Yes, Allied troops landed at Normandy on this day a couple of years ago, for some silly reason or another, but what does that have to do with me and my name starting with a ‘D’?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing at all.   D-Day was named after ME because I’m super popular, I am SO popular, aren’t I, and EVERYONE simply loves me so much cause I’m such a nice, popular, well-loved fellow.  No one has ever been as popular and well-loved as I am, right?  So, please, party and have fun today as you celebrate me, Donald J. Trump, a guy who had a whole day named after him cause he’s the bigly-est, most popular guy ever to have his name start with a ‘D’.”

28 thoughts on “Trump Claims D-Day Named After Him

  1. How long before the idiot tries to get a statue sculpted of him on the White House lawn? Maybe even a big TRUMP chiseled into the White House itself? Sadly, this is not a stretch!!!


  2. Did you guys see the picture of Angela Merkel getting in tRump’s face and staring him down? She then posted it in a show of “I don’t give a flying fuck how little donnie likes this”. I love it. Later when asked about it tRump attacked the news person, demanding to know what news agency he was from and then calling it fake news. Hugs


  3. Trump probably thinks D-day occurred during the Revolutionary War!

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  4. But how could it not be so. He is the best president ever. There has been no president anywhere in the world since the beginning of presidency that is as good as tRump

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  5. Man, would I like to drive a Sherman tank up the Orangeman’s ass! But, maybe I won’t have to. Based on yesterday’s primary elections, it appears now that Democrats have a better than even money chance to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives – albeit by a small majority. If that happens, Trump’s ability to obstruct justice on the Mueller investigation would be greatly impaired as would his legislative agenda.

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    • Let’s hope it does go that way. All ten of my digits are crossed in hope. If Dems get the House, I hope they impeach the fucker even though I see no way in hell of the Senate convicting him. Still, it’ll be fun to watch that bastard lose his mind over it. He just might go shoot someone in that case. Wouldn’t surprise me. Though, he is a sniveling pussy and probably couldn’t fire a gun to defend himself–the draft-dodging piece of shit.

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