Trump Building Gas Chambers Along Southern Border, Blames Democrats

The First Of 50 Gas Chambers Being Built Along The Southern Border

Gas ‘Em Dead City, Texas.   Donald Trump announced this morning that he, and his administration, have begun the construction of 50 gas chambers and crematoriums along the U.S. southern border in order to deal with the flow of immigrants trying to enter America.   “We need to eliminate these so-called people as quickly as possible before they contaminate our great country with the vile diseases they carry on their persons,”  President Trump said earlier.   “The Democrats made this a law several years ago under the Presidency of Hillary Clinton.   So, if anyone finds this practice unsavory, blame the Democrats and President Hillary Clinton, not me.  I have absolutely nothing to do with it.  I’m simply enforcing a law put into place by Democrats.

My ‘people’ have begun the construction of 50 gas chambers and crematoriums along the southern border.  The first one went into operation about a week ago, and, so far, it has been a raging success.  Over 78 Hispanic immigrants, men, women, children and the elderly, were told they could enter America freely once they took a ‘shower’.  Then, they were led into a state of the art gas chamber and exterminated.  Their remains were quickly placed into a brand-spanking new crematorium and incinerated to ash.  It’s like they never existed.

State Of The Art Crematorium Trump Is Placing Along The Southern Border

We will continue this practice until the Democrats decide to change the law that THEY put into place.  Thus, again, if anyone finds this practice distasteful, there’s no one to blame for it but former President Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic party.  May the all-loving arms of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, bless each and every American and keep them safe from the pestilence of incoming Hispanic immigrants.   Imperious Rex!”

30 thoughts on “Trump Building Gas Chambers Along Southern Border, Blames Democrats

  1. You do realize Stephen Miller is probably jacking off to this post at this very moment, don’t you?


  2. To see Trump blame the Dems for this law when his side controls senate and congress is rich.

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  3. I posted this comment on another blog recently, and it might be relevant here too:

    In the U.S. Army, I was exposed to tear gas on two occasions. The first was in a controlled environment, and the second occurred during war games maneuvers when our platoon was “attacked” on a dirt road cut through a thick forest.

    Upon contact, your body instantly reacts by excreting fluids from your eyes, nose, and mouth in an attempt to flush away the irritating substance. But, this reaction has little effect. Very quickly, your eyes and exposed skin feel an intense burning sensation. This triggers a panic response causing victims to run wildly in any direction to find an escape. Victims who can distance themselves from the gas begin to recover in about 5 minutes. Their faces are red and swollen and covered with mucus. They are extremely disoriented and exhibit shock-like symptoms.

    IMO, the only thing keeping Trump from being openly branded as a Nazi is that he doesn’t wear a swastika on his suit (as far as we know).

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  4. You somewhat jest, Inspired, but I too feel a very real threat coming down the pike. I fear he’ll somehow change the constitution and become a permanent president until he dies. I wouldn’t put it past him to secretively have gas chambers. And his stupid stupid racist redneck supporters would be ok with both! How did this awful cancer stay hidden for so long here and now it’s flowing out freely like a tide of filth and mental disease!

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    • Oh, I truly believe if he has 6 more years in power with a full Republican Congress, he’d put the gas chambers right out in the open. Who’ll stop him? What will be done? No one and nothing. We HAVE to win in November! I hope all this evil he’s doing now sways enough people to vote Republicans OUT! Lordy be, what a despicable group of people they are. 87% of them love Trump, yet I still hear this, “Oh, Trump doesn’t represent the TRUE Republican Party.” Yes. Yes he does. He IS the Republican Party and his totalitarian loving pals love it. AAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!! I hate the guy! 😀

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    • His Power is in the color of his skin and his deep and devoted dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. How in the world can anyone turn that away? We MUST keep him in charge so he can further the “true” values of this great nation.


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    • He’s Christ’s representative on earth.

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    • HA! Sure doesn’t attribute any good qualities to Christ, does it?

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  5. Just saw that he repeated this lie not 5 minutes ago, in front of the cameras. What thye hell do you do with someone who has no intention of speaking the truth?

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  6. About the way they see it. Republicans know they are losing their supporters due them dying off in old age. Any non-whites are a threat they feel to their retaining power. That is why the white border with Canada presents no problem for them , yet the southern border with the brown people is a huge crime. Laura Bush today compared the separation of children from their parents to the internment of Japanese people during the war. I am not a Bush supporter but I do admire she lambasted the tRump policy and actions. Be well. Hugs

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    • Yeah, they’re a cowardly disgusting lot, the Repukes. People better friggin’ vote in November. If this mother fucker has another 2 to 6 years unimpeded in congress by total Repuke control, we’re fucked. He WILL build gas chambers along the border and refuse to ever leave office, and no one will be able to do shit to stop it. I’ve always hated the GOP, but these days, hate is too kind a word. Total, absolute contempt is what I feel for them. Their traitors and disgusting.

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    • Bill Maher said on his show that he thinks tRump won’t leave even if voted out. He will simply refuse to transfer the power claiming the election was rigged against him or if it is at the end of his second term will claim he has to stay to protect the country. Hugs

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    • I saw that and agree 100%. tRump leaves only when he wants to, and his ass-licking buddies, the GOP, will agree with all he does like the good doggies they all are. Every. Single. One of them.

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