Katy Faust Of Grace Church Seattle Falls In Love With Kangaroo

Grace Church Seattle's Katy Faust Says, "Ya, So I'm In Love With A Kangaroo. You Got A Problem With That?"

Grace Church Seattle’s Katy Faust Says, “Yeah, So I’m In Love With A Kangaroo.  Ya Got A Problem With That?”

Fiction City, Australia.    While trashing gay marriage on the Australian TV show, QandA, last night, Katy Faust of Grace Church Seattle, an anti-gay, Christian church in Washington State, admitted she will be divorcing her husband, pastor and elder of Grace Church, Ryan Faust, because she has fallen madly in love with a kangaroo named Bouncy.  “I never thought I would ever find an animal attractive, let alone fall in love with one,” Mrs. Faust said earlier, “but when I met Bouncy, while touring the Outback a few days ago, all of that changed.  He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.  He’s able to jump, like, 6 feet into the air and use his hind legs to put a serious whippin’ on anyone who disagrees with me and my bigoted views on gay people and gay marriage.

Bouncy The Kangaroo, Katy Faust's New Love Interest

Bouncy The Kangaroo, Katy Faust’s New Love Interest

The only real issue I had with Bouncy was that he was a Jew, and I find Jews to be almost as distasteful as I do gays.  BLOODY CHRIST KILLERS!  However, because he loves me so much, Bouncy agreed to convert to my particular sect of Christianity and has joined me in my worldwide campaign to stomp, get it stomp, out gay marriage wherever it rears its ugly head.  So, wish us luck, and please, support us in our efforts to find acceptance in a world that, all too cruelly, shuns those who are different.  Thanks, and have a hoppin’ day.”

26 thoughts on “Katy Faust Of Grace Church Seattle Falls In Love With Kangaroo

  1. Hilarious AND perfect, just love the fact the kangaroo happens to be Jewish too!


  2. Thank something, I was worried when I first read the title about my childhood hero Captain Kangaroo. I was so glad to hear it was not him falling for that horrible fate. 🙂 Hugs


  3. I watched it and I’ll bet she WISHED she could go somewhere in the Outback with the jew roo and hide, after that appearance. .. good one, inspired! 🙂


    • What a hoochie mamma. I truly dislike this woman.


    • Yes, well, after her appearance on Q & A there’s now a batch of Australians who also don’t have the warm fuzzies for her. . I ALMOST felt sorry for her.


    • Oh, there’s no need for that. Google her blog, “Ask The Bigot” as well as Grace Church Seattle and the contract they make members sign when they want to join. She and her husband, Ryan, are awful people who are hell bent on spreading hate and lies about LGBT people and gay marriage, all in the name of Jesus. Icky folks. $Amen$


    • P.S. who was the guy, Brendan I think his name was, who was arguing in Katy’s favor but saying he was a liberal? He was an idjit, too.


    • His name is Brendan O’Neill and he’s the editor of ‘Spiked’ – that’s all I know about him and the only time I’ve ever seen/heard tell of him. Mind you, I’ve only been here for two months . . I agree, he came across rather harshly. My daughter (she is married to an Australian and has permanant residency here) didn’t like his stance either and had never heard of him before last night. I wondered if he was playing the devil’s advocate or trying to drum up ratings for his magazine/newspaper with his outlandish claims. He seemed to be the wild card at the table.


    • Yeah. Good points. Guy just seemed like a big fat weenie to me.


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  5. Once you go “roo,” you can convert a Jew!


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