Katy Faust Of Grace Church Seattle Falls In Love With Kangaroo

Grace Church Seattle's Katy Faust Says, "Ya, So I'm In Love With A Kangaroo. You Got A Problem With That?"

Grace Church Seattle’s Katy Faust Says, “Yeah, So I’m In Love With A Kangaroo.  Ya Got A Problem With That?”

Fiction City, Australia.    While trashing gay marriage on the Australian TV show, QandA, last night, Katy Faust of Grace Church Seattle, an anti-gay, Christian church in Washington State, admitted she will be divorcing her husband, pastor and elder of Grace Church, Ryan Faust, because she has fallen madly in love with a kangaroo named Bouncy.  “I never thought I would ever find an animal attractive, let alone fall in love with one,” Mrs. Faust said earlier, “but when I met Bouncy, while touring the Outback a few days ago, all of that changed.  He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.  He’s able to jump, like, 6 feet into the air and use his hind legs to put a serious whippin’ on anyone who disagrees with me and my bigoted views on gay people and gay marriage.

Bouncy The Kangaroo, Katy Faust's New Love Interest

Bouncy The Kangaroo, Katy Faust’s New Love Interest

The only real issue I had with Bouncy was that he was a Jew, and I find Jews to be almost as distasteful as I do gays.  BLOODY CHRIST KILLERS!  However, because he loves me so much, Bouncy agreed to convert to my particular sect of Christianity and has joined me in my worldwide campaign to stomp, get it stomp, out gay marriage wherever it rears its ugly head.  So, wish us luck, and please, support us in our efforts to find acceptance in a world that, all too cruelly, shuns those who are different.  Thanks, and have a hoppin’ day.”

All Black, All Gay Musical Theatre Company Performs At Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church

Cornfield, Nebraska.  Parishioners of the Phelps family’s Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas got a lot more than their usual mix of gay-bashing and Christ-loving last Sunday when a Musical Theater Company of 25 black, gay men meet them at the doors to their church and insisted on performing several Broadway show tunes before allowing them to enter. “It was utterly spectacular,” said Theodor Rumpelbutt, executive producer and vocal coach for the company.

 Producer And Vocal Director, Theodor Rumpelstein

Producer And Vocal Coach, Theodor Rumpelbutt

“The looks on the faces of those white, bigoted, homophobes when we burst into song were simply priceless. Those hate-mongers were not expecting to find 25 gay black dudes dressed in full Broadway musical regalia singing show tunes in front of their church when they arrived. Kind of how folks going to a funeral for a son or daughter who was killed while serving their country must feel when they arrive to THEIR church only to find the hate-mongering Phelps family and their cronies outside holding anti-gay protest signs. Sucks. Really, it does. We sang our black, gay hearts out for them though and never once said a derogatory thing about them. We did, however, tell them we’d be back to do the same every time they decided to show up anywhere for any reason with their anti-gay hate-filled signs. We decided the best way to make them stop bothering people with their bigotry was to immerse them in the thing the hate most, us.”

Hate Inc, The Hate Group That Hates Hate Groups

Hate Inc: Where Hate Is So Hot The "H" Burns

Hate Inc: Our Hate Is So Hot The “H” Burns

Hello. My name is Henry Hatenweiner. I’m the founder and spokesman of a new hate group called “Hate Inc.” I created the group for the sole purpose of hating and persecuting individuals and groups that hate others in a sanctimonious and self-righteous manner simply because they are different. One of the group’s main targets recently has been the American Family Association headed by Bryan Fischer. The AFA is a group of Christians who use the name of their god, Jesus, to justify their deep hatred of the LGBT community and anyone else who doesn’t fit under their banner of “a good Christian.” We at Hate Inc hate the AFA very deeply. They sicken us. And because they sicken us, we have made it our goal in life to persecute them by burning large letter “H’s” on their front lawns and by sponsoring various hate rallies in front of their churches where hateful obscenities are shouted at them as they enter and leave Sunday services. We want them to know what it feels like to be hated just for being who they are in a very public way. We are also lobbying hard in Washington to have Congress deny members of the AFA the right to marry each other. Why? Because we hate them and do not feel they deserve the same rights as people we don’t hate.

Bryan Fischer & The AFA: We Hate Them

Bryan Fischer & The AFA: Hate Inc Hates Them

If our campaign of hate against the AFA goes well, and why wouldn’t it, we will launch campaigns of intense hate against the KKK and pedophile rapist Catholic priests as well. Why? Because we hate them, and feel they deserve every ounce of negativity we can muster up to throw at them. So, if any of this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to put your hatred of hate groups to good use, you can contact us on our website: hatethehaters.org. We look forward to hating with you.