Why Doesn’t Melania Leave Herr Trump?

“Hmmm….Why Do I Stay With This Guy?” Melania Trump Asks Herself.

After reading a post over on Nan’s blog, https://sayitnow.wordpress.com/2018/06/23/does-melania-care/, I started to think about why Melania Trump doesn’t simply leave her husband, the Glorious, Supreme Leader of America, Donald Trump.

I guess, if she left him, especially right now, she’d be labeled a whore, a cheater, and a money seeking b**ch like every other woman who’s accused his royal highness of wrong doing.  Very few women want to go through that, I’d imagine.  “Blame the accuser” is an American motto, especially in regards to women speaking out against powerful men.  Thus, many, many women simply refuse to put themselves through it.  Trump’s other wives got divorced from Celebrity Donald Trump, not psycho, lunatic President Trump.  President Trump is far worse.  He’s Celebrity Trump on very bad steroids with the power of the Presidency behind him.  Thus, a 24/7 smear campaign would go into effect should Melania leave Trump and, worse yet, speak out against him.  Rudy Giuliani would certainly “find” pictures of her sleeping with (fill in the blank) to PROVE what a horrid human being she is.   Perhaps they’d pull a Henry the 8th and accuse her of sleeping with her brother; then call for her beheading.  Trump’s base would cheer for that.  His base, which, like it or not, is in the tens of millions, would also call for her to be “locked up” and whatever NDA’s and pre-nups were in place would surely slam into full effect.  All these things, I’m sure, weigh on her decision to stay or not to stay with Trump.  I’m not saying she’s a saint, or didn’t know exactly what she was getting into when she married this guy, but, her life, should she dump Trump (great phrase, that, “dump Trump”) would be in shambles both emotionally and financially if she did.

Anyone thinking a ride into glory awaits women who speak out against powerful men who’ve hurt them is simply not paying attention to reality these days.  The attacks for leaving Trump, should Melania do that, would be ceaseless and backed by millions of rabid loons who worship Herr Trump like a deity.  Does anyone honestly think otherwise? “Coming out” against Trump has not gone well for other female “coming outers.”  Hard to say what’s in another person’s mind, but, if I knew the living hell Trump would make my life by daring to go against him, I’d be afraid to go against him, even knowing what a pig/monster he is.  Could I do it?  Don’t know.  But I certainly do feel she was a damned idjit to marry him in the first place.  He is a disgusting human being.  She made her bed.  I don’t feel all that terrible for her, but, in many ways, I do feel sorry for her.


44 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Melania Leave Herr Trump?

  1. While I have very little respect for Melania, especially after her ‘jacket’ incident, I sometimes do feel sorry for her. BUT … remember why she married him in the first place, and then most of that empathy goes bye-bye, for she knew what she was getting into. I suspect you are right about the reasons she stays with him, but also because of her son. I may not respect or like her, but I admit that she seems truly devoted to Barron. I’m betting that once he is out of office … if that ever happens … she will rid herself of him.

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    • One would think so. But, like you said, that’ll only be IF Trump ever decides to leave office.

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    • He won’t ‘decide’ to, but I think the decision will ultimately be made for him. The sooner, the better.

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    • I sure hope so, because with him now in total control of the Supreme Court, I see very little being able to hurt him in any way.

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    • It has been said that he should NOT be allowed to nominate another Supreme Court justice until the Mueller investigation is complete and a judgment made, for ultimately any he would nominate might be sitting in judgment of him. Makes sense to me, and I agree … any new nomination would be a potential conflict of interest.

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    • I completely agree. But…he’s still gonna pick the judge and the Repukes will bow down and let him simply do whatever he wants. I hope I’m wrong, but, after this week, I’m pretty damned depressed and don’t see anything good happening for..I don’t know when. Hopefully Mueller will give a report that states Trump committed multiple crimes and, at the very least, a constitutional crisis will arise. I just don’t know any more. This is horrible. I feel like the French musta felt when Adolf stormed into Paris with his Republicans….OOPS, I mean Nazis.

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    • Yes, you are quite right … the boot lickers will keep on licking his boots just as they have for the past 17 months. I share your sentiments, for my mood is bleak this week and I don’t have a good feeling about the mid-terms … I keep seeing a dark cloud looming on the horizon. Sigh.

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    • Let’s just hope we’re wrong and better times are ahead.

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    • I hope I am wrong too … it’s hard not to get into a funk these days.


    • Hopefully all those people who took to the streets yesterday will get out and vote in November. Hopefully.

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  2. Perhaps they’d pull a Henry the 8th and accuse her of sleeping with her brother

    Nah, nowadays people would just think that was kind of edgy, in a Game-of-Thrones sort of way — well, except for the Bible-thumpers, and they hate everything. Trump lusting after Ivanka didn’t seem to faze his cultists much.

    I agree, though — the Trumpanzees would consider her a traitor and make her life hell. She might have to leave the country. Realistically, her only option is to wait for him to die.

    Still, she knew what she was getting into when she married him, even if she didn’t anticipate the First Lady stuff.

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    • I agree. And, who knows, maybe she’s a huge part of all this and loves it. Doesn’t come across that way, but….Wait! On second thought, thank Jeebus she’s there! Cyber bullying has pretty much disappeared since all of her Herculean efforts to banish it! Whew!!! For a minute there, I thought her presence in the Trump White House was kinda useless.

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  3. Perhaps she’s a sleeper agent; y’know like ‘The Americans’?

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  4. Isn’t she waiting for her parents to get citizenship based on the fact that she is a “anchor baby”?

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  5. She is not going to divorce him. She is happy where she is raising her little boy and waving to her husband occasionally as she sees him passing by.
    Republicans kept telling me that Hillary would divorce Bill once he left office. I told them would not happen.
    Dysfunctional people sometimes stick together.

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  6. From: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/bill-maher-spends-segment-mocking-melania-trumps-jacket-thats-mrs-hitler-to-you

    Bill Maher spent a segment of his Friday HBO broadcast mocking the coat Melania Trump wore while preparing to travel to Texas to visit immigrant children at detention centers.

    “So, everyone is talking about this jacket that Melania wore that says, ‘I really don’t care. Do u?,” the comedian said to open the segment. “In her defense, she has a lot of racist sweaters in the wash that she could’ve worn. I don’t know if you’ve been in Melania’s closet, I have, but there are some worse things — she picked out one of the best.”

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  7. She’s a ‘showcase wife’ and she knows it. She was bought; and probably she’ll collect final payment at the inevitable divorce.

    Remarkable what evangelicals are willing to tolerate to do damage to Roe V. Wade, and to keep out the brown-skinned people, eh?

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  8. One thing we don’t know is if the prenup has Barron going to tRump? It could be she would lose her son. Either way those who are die hard tRump supporters would do anything possible to hurt her and her son. While she may have know what she was getting ito by marrying slime, Barron was born innocent into it. A great post and full of things we should think on? Even the people we dislike my be trapped. Hugs


    • I suspect she is, but, who knows, maybe she’s happier than a pig dipped in orange poop getting exactly what she loves and wants. I tend to think not, but what do I know. Well, since Trump seems to know everyone trying to cross the border is a rapist and a drug dealer, maybe I’m clairvoyant, too. I have the best brain there is and I’m..well…you know, like a smart person. 🙂

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  9. A-Women, brother! You nailed it! “Damned idjit” or not, she did indeed “make her bed.”

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