President Trump To Wall Off Liberty Island

President Trump Says, "Let's Wall This Anti-American Bitch Off!"

President Trump Says, “Let’s Wall This Anti-American Bitch Off!”

Immigrants Suck Town, New York.  Soon to be President, Donald Trump today announced his plans to wall off Liberty Island and write the words, “Fuck You Immigrants!  Go Fuckin’ Home!” on the outside of it.   “Fuckin’ immigrants suck big, giant, elephant, fuckin’ penis,” President Elect Trump said earlier.   “What the fuck kinda country would America be if immigrants were allowed in?  Really!  What kind?  Whatever liberal, candy-ass mother fucker put the Statue of Liberty on that island needs to be flayed alive and boiled in oil.  This country is for Americans!  Not faggot terrorists from across the Atlantic!  Immigrants weren’t allowed in before, so why now?  What would the founding fathers think of the abomination that is the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island?  No decent founding father cared a squirt of piss about liberty, foreigners, or fuckin’ statues, so why should I?  I’m President now.  So fuck anyone who’s not American coming to America.  Americans have been in America since Jesus put us here 6000 years ago.  So fuck off foreigners!  And eat my American grits!  God bless America and all those who voted for me, Donald Trump, to be your President.  You all need to feel real proud because things can only get better from here.”  Imperious Rex!

18 thoughts on “President Trump To Wall Off Liberty Island

  1. your stuff is consistently right on funny. bravo. continue…


  2. Ah, this is a good one! The only thing that scares me more than Drumpf is the people who support this idiot.

    A mass of stupid that huge could quickly become a very nasty thing.


  3. Hahaha. Jesus put Mericans up there 6K years ago. You never cease to amuse


  4. The best thing to happen is build a 20 foot wall around him and the legions of assholes that believe his bullshit…


  5. Someone give the microphone to that indian sitting over there…. crying.


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