Meet The New First Lady Of The United States: Melania Trump

First Lady Of The United States: Melanie Trump

First Lady Of The United States: Melania Trump

Donald and Melania Trump: classy, honest, highly intelligent, deeply conservative, proudly Christian, and the new image of the GOP.   And to think, Republicans once trashed Michelle Obama for wearing a sleeveless dress.  Way to go guys.  Way to go.


23 thoughts on “Meet The New First Lady Of The United States: Melania Trump

  1. Whassamatta with you-all? Can’t you see the class? The poise? The sophistication? No? Neither can I. But I bet the Trumpers LOVE it!

    Especially the gun.

  2. can you fucking believe it? unreal – yet real. sad. continue…

  3. Sighs

  4. Well, at least she’s a Slowvenian…

  5. Well, that’s an interesting take on a pinup girl. too bad she is already guilty by association.

  6. Another sign of the apocalypse?

  7. You would have a hot first lady 😀

  8. In some ways A Trump presidency would propel Obama’s to one of the best ever. The damage he’d cause, though, just isn’t worth it. Pity, because it could have been hilarious.

  9. Ouch WOW, it is a good thing I am doing laundry because reading how you describe the Trumps….Well I did pee my self !!! Great Job! You sure know how to get to the inner person. Hugs

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