New This Christmas, The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun

The 'Lil Republican's Hand Gun

The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun

Are you a Republican worried a Muslim, black, or Mexican person may creep into your home through a window at night and kidnap or kill your child or children under the age of 11?  Well, worry no more because The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun is here to save the day.  The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun is a fully loaded, automated hand gun designed to be used by conservative white children under the age of 11.  Let’s say a nasty undocumented Mexican slithers into your conservative, 8-year-old, white child’s room one evening to kill him.  He’ll be anticipating a very passive victim, but, instead, he’ll encounter a fully armed child who’ll shoot him smack dab in the face. Bang!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Hilarious, is it not?  Rest easy at night knowing your conservative white children are sleeping soundly in their rooms with The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun stuffed safely under their pillows.  Don’t lose another night’s sleep.  Order The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun now for only $75. 99, and we’ll toss in an Older Child’s Republican Hand Gun, for kids ages 11 to 17, absolutely free!


17 thoughts on “New This Christmas, The ‘Lil Republican Hand Gun

  1. Some would say you have a warped mind. I think it’s an awesome mind 🙂


  2. Does it come gift wrapped?


  3. You know reality is often stranger than fiction… Anyway, the perfect tool for your own lil’ mass shooting!


  4. A great holiday stocking stuffer!


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