Jesus Says, Vote For Bernie Sanders

Jesus Christ's Pick For President In 2016, Bernie Sanders

Jesus Christ’s Pick For President In 2016, Bernie Sanders

Cloud 76, Heaven.   Jesus Christ today, the Lord and Savior of all humanity, pledged his support behind Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.  “I love Bernie Sanders,” Jesus said this morning. “Yes, I know, he’s Jewish, but so am I.  So, deal with it.  Bernie acts in a far more Christian way than 99% of people claiming to actually be Christians.  Any way, he’s a man who is concerned with the well-being of all Americans, not just the wealthy white ones.  I like that about him.  His stance against Citizens United is a truly wonderful thing.  It’s so refreshing to hear him speak.

"Really, I mean it. Vote for Bernie Sanders." Love Always, Jesus Christ

“Really, I mean it. Vote for Bernie Sanders.”  Love Always, Jesus Christ

This is especially true after listening to Republican Candidate Ben Carson idiotically telling people the Bible is to be taken literally, or Donald Trump spewing fascist, xenophobic rhetoric to his followers.  Very unpleasant stuff.   Take the word of Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior, and vote for Bernie Sanders.  Decent human beings everywhere will be glad you did.”

25 thoughts on “Jesus Says, Vote For Bernie Sanders

  1. I’d vote for Bernie if I could!!


  2. Excellent! That fits will with Satan’s announcement that he “will be happy to back any Republican, but especially Trump, Carson, and Cruz. They are the best of the Beast! Hillary, well I’m tortured over her. She makes some non-beastly points, but at least her heart is with Wall Street. That’s a plus.” >:)


  3. I am still stunned over Carson’s “Klingon Jesus”. Did your contacts have anything to say about it. You manage to get all the first hand news and stuff no one else can find. you have the inside source. Thanks and hugs.


  4. The fact is, this isn’t even parody!


  5. . ..and just think. . the slogan could be “For Christ’s sake, vote for Bernie”. . I’m loving it. . grin. . (as usual)

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