My 2020 Platform For The Senate

As some of my readers may know, I’m running for the Senate in 2020 on the following platform: We need to rid America of the pestilence that is poverty by building gas chambers and crematoriums throughout our great country to “get rid” of the poor, the elderly and the disabled–ain’t nuttin worse than a poor AND disabled person, BTW–by gassing and cremating the lazy bastards, ASAP.

I’m SICK and tired of the poor! SICK OF THEM!!!!  It is SO obvious that the poor are poor by choice due to their laziness. This is simply NOT arguable.  Anyone arguing otherwise is a leftist, liberal, SJW piece of crap unable to have calm, rational, non-name-calling discussions.  Period.  We also need to make America a Christian theocracy and put an end to the craziness that is gay marriage and gay “people” in general.  Being gay, like being poor, is a conscious CHOICE done by lazy people who refuse to do the work necessary to be true, God-loving, decent, non-poor, non-disabled, tax-paying, Jesus- worshiping, heterosexual human beings. Again, these are facts and are inerrant in their truth. To deny this is to admit ones own laziness and to brand oneself as a liberal, leftist, snowflake, whining, Hillary-loving, anti-American hack.

To conclude, America will never be free for decent, non-poor, non-gay, Christian humans until enough gas chambers and crematoriums are built to “eliminate” the blight of lazy bastards like the poor and the “gay” from the face of the earth. This can best be done under the all-loving embrace of a Christian theocratic government where the love of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is placed above the hideous laziness of the poor, the gay, the disabled and the gay, disabled poor.

A Vote For Me Is A Vote For Christ

MAFA.  Make America Free Again in 2020.  Vote for me, and help me gas and cremate the poor, the gay, the non-Christian, the disabled and, most importantly, the poor, gay, non-Christian disabled folks who tarnish America’s greatness with their lazy stench and sickening lifestyle.
Yours in Christ’s love, The Arm Chair Pontificator.

P.S. I forgot to mention, we also need to gas and cremate anyone seeking or talking about getting or performing an abortion. These LAZY people, if you can truly even call them “people”, clearly do not deserve the love of Christ or to be anywhere near true, decent, Jesus-loving Americans. Have a lovely day, and remember: Vote for The Arm Chair Pontificator in 2020 so we can begin to bring my dream of a pure, non-lazy America to fruition by wiping out those less worthy, and far more lazy, than we, ourselves, are.  $Amen$

35 thoughts on “My 2020 Platform For The Senate

  1. You know there is a vast audience out there which doesn’t understand sarcasm. When your screed is discovered … oh, my. I hope the repercussions are limited to just cussin’s.

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    • Those are the same people who think I’ve actually received a Nobel Prize. Yep. So far millions of them have written to support my 2020 bid. and to congratulate me on winning said prize. Thorazine and Prozac will be available at all of my rallies to help such folks through these troubled times.


  2. Well drat! I was thinking of running against you, but you have such a winning platform that I wouldn’t stand a chance, so I’ll throw in the towel now. 🙄

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  3. With this platform, you may just be declared winner unopposed

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  4. You could pass out free AR15s as a gift at your rallies and sell tickets at a special one time white supremacy special price for a gold threaded KKK uniform or a full Nazi uniform complete with SS Bolts…

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  5. You’re a bit soft aren’t you? Toughen up your act and I may come over and support you. Then again I’m a poor non-christian so best stay away.

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  6. “Make America Free Again in 2020” – catchy slogan. How do you feel about bringing back the Inquisition? Will it be in your platform? I can think of no more effective solution for ensuring white Christian supremacy than burning secular heathens and other undesirables at the stake!

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  7. Hello inspired. I hope you will allow me a few follow up questions sir, as I am being rather lazy today. Are not poor people poor compared to not poor people? So what happens when all the now poor are taken care of, will there be a new grouping of poor who were not poor before? How far up the not poor yet ladder should we go? 🙀😃😁😂😜.

    Great post. BTW did you catch a couple weeks ago someone on my blog was arguing seriously that people are poor by choice? They not only pushed that, but also wrote a post on their own blog detailing home the poor choose to be poor and could stop being poor if the wanted to. The horrible thing is these people walk among us and they VOTE, several times if need be. Hugs

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  8. You might want to use incinerator over crematorium. Cremation is for dead people. You might get more followers if they understand the burning in the proper context. In matches up with the doctrine as well. Burning alive forever in hell is in line with their current hopes. Capitalize on what they already believe, man!

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  9. I’d like to think the far right can’t possibly be that damn bug nut crazy, but if you really have to stop and wonder…

    You have done your job well 🙂

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