Contents Of Russian Dossier On Trump Revealed

Actual Photo Of Russian Dossier On Trump

Actual Photo Of Russian Dossier On Trump

A Russian dossier containing incriminating information on Donald Trump has recently surfaced.  It’s existence poses a very important question: “Has Russia been blackmailing Donald Trump to do its bidding?”   Well, the readers of this blog will be glad to learn, we here at The Arm Chair Pontificator have been given access to this dossier.  A few interesting tidbits of information from it are presented below.  Enjoy.

1.)  12/13/2011.   The Donald and Vladimir make love in President Putin’s Winnebago.   The act is filmed by Russian porno director, and former KGB agent,  Gustav Bigdickski.   Bigdickski said of the experience:  “It was like filming vanilla ice cream melt all over orange sherbet.”  Vladimir is rumored to be keeping the video of this event under his mattress in Moscow.

2.)  03/06/2015.  The Donald comes to Moscow and declares his undying love to President Putin.  Ingrid Grabpussinstein, one of Vladimir’s chamber maids, heard Trump promise Putin this:  “Vlady, if you help me win the 2016 Presidential election in my country, I promise you, you’ll not only have unlimited access to my mangina, you’ll have America at your beck and call to do whatever you wish with it.”

3.)  12/25/2016.   The Donald visits several of his mistresses in a bathroom in Trump Tower in order to pee on them.  One of these mistresses, Beverly Idoitfordacash, overheard a call Trump placed to Vladimir Putin.  Here’s what she heard: “Listen, Vlady, I put Exxon Oil CEO, Rex Tillerson on my cabinet, just like I promised you I would.  He’ll do whatever you want him to.  Now, can I please come over to your house so we can do the ‘nasty’ to celebrate the holidays?”

*Stay tuned.  More secrets from the dossier to be revealed later.

30 thoughts on “Contents Of Russian Dossier On Trump Revealed

  1. All the new clicks…. could they be tRumps thugs in the enforcement business making a list of those of us in the resistance. Guard yourself my friend. We must not fall. Hugs

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  2. Hahaha brilliant! I want MORE! When are the other secrets being leaked??

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  3. god i hope this stuff is real and sinks this arrogant prick soon. as i responded to Re at Sparks in Shadow: let us hope he is so arrogant, so corrupt, and so bad at creating jobs, that even the scummy Republicans turn on him for fear of not being re-elected. could happen. continue…

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    • It was a “golden” opportunity to write this piece. 🙂 Thing is, even if this whole thing is nonsense, which it very well may be, it’s completely believable that it’s not given Trump is the guy involved. Is it believable that Trump had Russian hookers pee on a bed where Obama once slept? Hell yes it is. Nothing far fetched about that at all. Fun times ahead. 🙂

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  4. But is this as undignified as having a Govt whose message is ‘Well obviously we didn’t expect you to vote to leave Europe! Now give us time to think of…err….something…..please?’

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  5. Oh do you manage to get the best scoops? You are in the know! I await your telling us the things the tRump people want hidden. Hugs


  6. E. Kitty and her human slave Flynn do hereby declare that TAP really deserve that Noble Piece Prize for the creative name of your ‘fictional’ characters, which seen real than reality, of course.

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  7. The “inside” story! I love it when you reveal the “true truth.”

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