Putin Posts Nude Pics Of Edward Snowden On Obama’s Facebook Page

Cropped Pornographic Snowden Pic

Obama Found Pics Like This On His Facebook Page Today

In a brazenly crude act which has greatly increased the tension between Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and his American counterpart, Barrack Obama, Putin hacked into Obama’s Facebook account this morning and posted several sexually explicit nude pictures of NSA whistle-blower, Edward Snowden on it.

Vladimir, You'll Pay For This!

Vladimir, You’ll Pay For This!

“This is retaliation on Putin’s part for me freezing him out of his Netflix account Monday,” a clearly offended President Obama said earlier. “I warned him I was going to kill his Netflix account if Russia used its military in the Ukraine over this Crimea bullshit, and he used it any way. I know exactly what he’s up to too, the Commie bastard. He’s sucked Crimea up into Russia as if it were merely a tiny piece of some Soviet Union puzzle he’s trying to reconstruct. I knew he’d be pissed about losing Netflix, but I never thought he was so twisted as to do something like this. Hacking into my Facebook account and posting pictures of Edward Snowden nude, in explicit sexual situations with light posts, mail boxes, owls, and lawn mowers is just not something the President of the United States will tolerate or easily forgive. My wife and my daughters saw that sick filth!

IMO, The Pics Were Quite Tastefully Done

Putin: “The Pics Were Quite Tastefully Done, IMO.”

President Putin needs to be aware of one thing right now: He really fucked himself by doing this. I don’t know how in the name of God he got Snowden to do what he was doing so gleefully in those pictures, but I’m personally going to make him pay dearly for posting them on my Facebook page for my family, and the nation, to see.

Obama's 'Lil Bomber

Obama’s ‘Lil Bomber

Beginning tonight, and continuing every night for six months, my personalized, stealth drone, ‘Obama’s ‘Lil Bomber,’ will be making a trip to drop hundreds of pounds of raw sewage onto the front lawn of whatever abode Putin happens to be staying in that night. If he stays in a hotel, the sewage will be dropped there. Also, if he decides to leave Russia and visit, say, Buckingham Palace and spends the night there, the sewage will be dropped on Buckingham Palace’s front lawn. There will be no escape for him from this. Hopefully he’ll learn from this and not do anything like this to me ever again. It was really, really mean.”

14 thoughts on “Putin Posts Nude Pics Of Edward Snowden On Obama’s Facebook Page

  1. Darn it, Edward is one hot dude!;)


  2. Any chance I could share this on Facebook?


    • I’m still rather confused as to why we, The West, did not want Crimea to be re-absorbed into Russia when that’s exactly what the people living there wanted to happen. Don’t get it. Do we owe the Ukrainian Gov’t money or something? Why favor the Ukraine over Russia? Both places are desolate ice bowls with women who have more facial hair than most men. What up wit dat, eh?


    • Well should Obama/Cameron get their way – which they won’t – there will be a civil war in the Ukraine as Crimea doesn’t want to part of the package. Virtually the entire Crimea is Russian – this was no invasion; for fuck’s sake the Crimean’s were dancing in the streets at news they were no longer part of the Ukraine. This whole thing only blew up because an angry mob in Kiev kicked out a democratically elected government (who to be fair had offered early elections) the Crimean’s could just about cope with and replaced it with an un-elected regime and the US/UK called that illegal! Beggars belief really. Not only that the angry mob contained a number of those on the far right! On top of that the new Ukraine will want – one day- to be part of the EU. At that point Russia has to face its very own Cuban missile crisis when NATO starts building military bases and whatever there – if I were Russian that would be a non starter I think! Rant over – agree with you 100%.


    • Wow. I see Russia’s compliant completely. We are handling this like asses! Crazy crap. But you know, it isn’t like no one knew this was coming, for god’s sake. One day, maybe our governments will grow up into adulthood and handle huge issues like this BEFORE they get out of hand. At our core, all humans pretty much want the same shit. We all just need to start getting to a better place as a whole species at one time, or we ain’t gonna make it.


  3. How could Obama be so upset over Putin’s antics.


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