Paul’s Letter To The Italians

Dear Italians. Hi. my name is Paul, and I'm writing to you because I and some of my pals will soon be visiting your fine country of Italy. I've heard you all have great food and wine there and have really spiffy hotels. I'm hoping

Dear Italians, I’m writing to thank you for your great food and wine.  I often eat at Italian restaurants, lasagna is my absolute favorite dish, and every time I do, I say to myself, “Self, you need to write a letter to the Italian people and thank them for their awesome food.”  So, that’s what I’m doing.   Thanks again, Italians.  You guys are friggin’ great.   Yours in great eats, Paul, Creator of Christianity


21 thoughts on “Paul’s Letter To The Italians

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  2. The Italians are amazing…if you discount all that mafia bullshit…horse’s heads etc… 😉


  3. Have to say I love lasagna also how ever I have a question. Paul normally is very well written and writes in depth, some times too much so, and yet here he seems halfhearted. Maybe he was scamming them? What do you think? you know them far better than I. Hugs


  4. Hey, Paul, I just robbed Peter – but guess what? I splurged on lasagna. So no payment to Paul. Hahahaha!


  5. So if we want to poison him, we find out which restaurant he visits


  6. I can’t wait for “Paul’s letter to the Yankees”.


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  8. Ah, the lost Letters of Paul. I heard about these…


  9. You’re welcome Paul, but not all of us Italians are so keen on your religion.


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