Top Ten Things Republicans Hate


10.) The undocumented Mexican landscapers who charge .15 cents an hour to tend to their yards.

9.) African-Americans who are no longer in bondage.

8.) Unarmed civilians.

7.) People who call them elitist bigots.

6.) Rain that spoils their golf outings with the fellas.

5.) The painters who painted their winter home in Florida chalk-white when they left specific instructions to paint it BONE white.

4.) Fags

3.) Fundamentalist Islamic atheists who are President of the United States.

2.) Disabled people who are too fuckin’ lazy to work and pay taxes so that they can get bigger breaks on theirs.

1.) And finally, the number one thing that Republicans hate….THE POOR!!!!woohoo


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Things Republicans Hate

  1. You know, what really gets me is that you are absolutely right of course, it’s all so obvious and yet, most people don’t seem to know this. In the UK, the conservatives were brought into power by a large number of votes from the working class…I mean, WHY???? How can people vote for an elite who clearly despises them and screws them at every turn? I will never understand this


  2. how did you get their secret list? Wow you have skills sir. Hugs


  3. I said bone white! Damn it! Did you not hear me. Now I gotta move


  4. The poor… while most people who vote GOP are the poor. It’s really quite astonishing.


    • It’s mind boggling. Keep people uneducated, religious and poor, with an emphasis on how wonderful the rich are, and you can make em do anything you want. There’s an old man in my building who voted for Illinois conservative asshole governor, Bruce Rauner last year simply because he liked Rauner’s shirt. With that type of reasoning, I can only say, we’re doomed.

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  5. As an outsider I certainly cannot ‘Trump’ that!


  6. Fundamentalist Islamic atheist … some one who prays five times a day to a god he does not believe in (Jon Stewart, paraphrased).


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