Buddha Says No To Disney Buying Nirvana

The Buddha Is Keeping Nirvana

The Buddha Is Keeping Nirvana

Peaceville, Nirvana.  According to sources close to The Buddha, Disney today made an offer to buy Nirvana from him for an undisclosed amount, but The Buddha said, “No thanks.”

“Man, The Buddha is just not interested in money,” said Buddha spokesperson, Fr. Tom “Stiggy” Stigmata, who has lived in Nirvana for close to a thousand years now. “This guy is happy just sitting under a shady tree all day and listening to Beatles tunes. He loves it here. It’s his home. I know God just recently sold Heaven to Disney for like a trillion, billion dollars, and I’m not bashing him for it, but The Buddha worked too damn hard to just sell this place to Disney so they can turn it into an amusement park.”

The Buddha himself had no comment on the matter other than to politely decline the offer to be interviewed.

24 thoughts on “Buddha Says No To Disney Buying Nirvana

  1. Thanks, Buddha. I can’t get to Disney, but I might have a chance getting to Nirvana 🙂


  2. Nirvana will never be for sale; nothingness can never be purchased, although water and air have their price.

    The difference between heaven and nirvana is that those who believe in heaven think they are ‘going there’ – those who understand nirvana know there is no ‘there’ to go to.

    The Buddha remained silent on questions of the after-life, because he knew there wasn’t any.

    “Not questions leading to edification,” the Buddha’s lasting comment on the issue; or, ‘ who put the anchovies on my cheese pizza?’ The Buddha was wise and always tasteful.


  3. Wise buddha! I bet he’s sitting there smoking a cigar, a nice glass of (French) wine in his hand and a nubile willing girl, congratulating himself on that wise decision. Course he declined to be interviewed, he’s got better things to do 😉
    Love his spokesperson’s name: Fr. Tom “Stiggy” Stigmata haha
    And this didn’t show up in my reader btw 😦


  4. Buddaville would be a nice place.


  5. It looks to me that the reason fat boy didn’t sell is the branch of KFC there!


  6. Maybe The Buddha has a cooler of beer under that tree too, which would explain his mellow attitude and his belly. 😉

    WP was messin’ with me today too. When I came to my blog this morning it said I had written NO POSTS! Egads, that didn’t sit well with me. Thankfully 20 minutes later it managed to find them.


  7. The Buddha is more contended than the dog?


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