Creationist Scientist Discovers Animals From Noah’s Ark

Is This Where Noah Set Free The Animals On His Ark?

Is This Where Noah Set Free The Animals From His Ark?

Snorkelville, California.  Dr. Dinkel “Dickie” Smalls, a Creationist Scientist, claims to have discovered the animals that Noah released from his Ark in the Biblical story. “Amazing,” said Dr. Smalls, “but as I was walking through something called ‘The San Diego Zoo’ yesterday, I noticed all sorts of animals were in it. There were lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh, my! And there were elephants, too! What are the probabilities of all these unique animals being in this one place if Noah hadn’t released them there? Zero, I tell you. Zero. This is proof, once and for all, that the Bible is a literal telling of reality, and all those not believing in it are silly goose eggs who will one day fry in the hell created for them by our All-loving God. Amen.”

22 thoughts on “Creationist Scientist Discovers Animals From Noah’s Ark

  1. Glad you are coming round to the right way of thinking…..


  2. I love this…explains so clearly how some see the world. I loved the time I spent at the zoo. I was a young man then and I would spend whole days there. Hugs


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  4. That right there is some great satire. 🙂

    Unfortunately what makes it great is it captures the all too real, circular reasoning we see with creationists. Well done.


  5. No old chap I know for certain Noah parked up at London Zoo first and dumped them all off there…Dinkel should get his facts right!


  6. Amen, indeed! I wonder if he saw those dinosaurs there too?


  7. I’m going to be falling asleep laughing thanks to you – hope it brings me all kinds of weird and hilarious dreams too 😉


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