ISIS Attack At Istanbul Airport Happened Due To Lack Of Armed Civilians

With An Armed Populace, This Could Have Been Prevented

With An Armed Populace, This Could Have Been Prevented

NRA City, California.   The lord God of the USA, the NRA, today released a statement regarding the recent horrid ISIS attack on an Istanbul airport.  “The problem with the attack today in Istanbul,” said NRA spokeswoman, I’neda Soul, “is that all of the people in the airport weren’t armed with guns.  In America, we have the Second Amendment which allows our citizens to carry guns, like the AR-15, with  them at all times.  This is why terrorist activity and gun related deaths in the US are almost non-existent.  We’re free here, in America, because we’re all armed.  Once the rest of the world learns the value of a seriously armed populace, things like this bombing in Istanbul will cease to exist.   We here in America will pray to Jesus for those who lost their lives in this preventable, Istanbul, tragedy, and we’ll also pray that people across the globe understand the value of placing guns into the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet.   Until then, remember these words of Donald Trump, a god amongst men:  “A free America, and a free world, is one were the Mexicans remain behind a big fuckin’ wall and everyone who isn’t Muslim is armed to the gills with death-dealing weapons.  Amen”

12 thoughts on “ISIS Attack At Istanbul Airport Happened Due To Lack Of Armed Civilians

  1. Well… Just thinking of Mak’s comment.. It occurred to if the NRA gods don’t arm the Muslims and the Mexicans, then who would all the NRA God fearing gun worshiping, DUES PAYING childlike members of the NRA god’s flock ( or is it Glock. ) who would the God’s flock get to shoot at. Really. Of course the NRA gods can’t give the Non white non believers as big a clip as he gives the real glock flock of the NRA God, you know , the dues paying ones. Love your work Prophet of all wise words sir! Hugs


  2. GUN NUT: “Every God-fearing American knows that 9/11 would have never happened had New Yorkers been armed to the teeth with AR-15s and other assault weapons. They would’ve shot down those hijacked commercial airliners long before they got anywhere near the twin towers. But, NOOOO! Obummer had to take their guns away!”

    RATIONAL PERSON: “9/11 was in 2001, buddy. Barack Obama didn’t become president until 2009.”

    GUN NUT: “But, but, but… it was Obummer’s fault!!!”


  3. Live long Jeff!
    Guns to everyone except Muslims and Mexicans behind walls. What a solution to world violence


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