Tiny Donald Trump Clones Invade Chicago Candy Factory



Trump City, Illinois.   A group of half-sized Donald Trump clones, known scientifically as “Trump-ettes” invaded and took over a Chicago candy factory today.   “We’re doing this to ensure every piece of candy made in this factory goes directly into the mouths of white children whose parents make over seven figures a year,” the Trump-ettes shouted as they bodily removed every worker from the plant.   “Our Lord and Master, Herr Donald, heard that this factory was selling candy to poor, disabled, black, Mexican and Muslim kids.  You can’t get more UN-American than that, so we were sent to put an end to it.   God bless America; God bless freedom, and God bless our God, Donald Trump.”


11 thoughts on “Tiny Donald Trump Clones Invade Chicago Candy Factory

  1. You know, I really love the United States and had some great times there, but I’m really glad not to live in a country where someone like Donald Trump has a shot at the presidency. No offense…this post is a pretty good analogy of the man:S

    • No offense taken. U.S. citizens Googling “how to move to Canada” has millions of hits since this asshole got popular. His party, though, the Republican party, has imploded. The big wigs in it don’t want him as their candidate but the xenophobic, racist, good ole boys who make up their constituency do. Gonna be a wild Republican Convention this year. Hopefully, this will all help the Democratic nominee to win the Presidency. Hopefully.

    • You know, at first I thought Donald Trump was a Democrat sleeper agent sent to infiltrate the Republican party to make them look so vastly beyond ridiculous that the Democrats could win…maybe I was right;)

    • You might be. The Republicans are not liking this one bit. Good. 🙂

  2. I heard him on the radio today here in the UK when he said something like ‘I’m a gonna barm theee sheeeet out of them baaaastards’. How the fuck did this man even become a millionaire? He makes Putin seem, well, quite reasonable……

    • He’s a millionaire cause he was born into $$$. His daddy lent him “only” a million dollars to start out his own business. Poor guy. Putin would whip his ass into hamburger. This may happen, too, as I’ve a strong feeling tRump a PUtin will not get along. Hopefully, we won’t have to find this out.

    • That’s true, Trump does make Putin seem reasonable, relatively speaking anyway.

  3. Who are these voting for him? Are they doing it out of spite or this the true face of the gop

    • It’s VERY much the true face of the GOP, white, xenophobic, racist, christian, gun-totin’, and dumber than shit. We’ll see what happens when tRump is in the general election where he’ll need the support of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and poor white fuckers like me for him to win. These are all people he’s deeply, openly insulted. So, HOPEFULLY, this piece of shit doesn’t win the White House.

    • I hope he either makes the GOP rethink its policies and ideals or destroys the party

    • Unfortunately, I think neither will happen.

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