Dead Actor, Peter O’Toole, Signed To Play Spiderman


The New Spidey

Websville, Mississippi.  “We searched for several months and tested several hundred actors to play Spiderman in our upcoming films,” said Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige earlier today.  “We finally decided that none of them were able to hold a match up to the acting talents of Sir Peter O’Toole, even though he’s dead.  We at Marvel Studios pride ourselves in casting only the finest actors to play our iconic heroes in our films.  Why should something like death stand in the way of Sir Peter playing high school student Peter Parker, aka Spiderman?  Talent is talent.  Dead or alive.  We’re hoping to make the best Spiderman movies possible, and with Peter O’Toole’s corpse signed for 6 of our films, we feel we’ve taken one helluva step in making that hope a reality.  Exiting times are ahead for good ole Web-head, Marvel fans, just you wait and see.”

27 thoughts on “Dead Actor, Peter O’Toole, Signed To Play Spiderman

  1. Oh man you make me laugh. Thank you, I needed that after that idiotic troll who swore never to come on my blog again reappeared today, surprise surprise, after I posted about the fashionable causes. But I digress, great post 😀


  2. Love the actor..but why would he want to do it. Isn’t the spiderman franchise more dead than he is? Really did anyone see the last three? I did not see them and just realized I did not miss them. Hugs


    • Marvel Studios took it over and Spiderman will now be an Avenger. “I fucking LOVE The Avengers!” Sir Peter O’Toole, 2012.

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    • Oh I did not know about that..Yes the avengers are a favorite here, unfortunately every movie with Thor has to be watched three times, because we are so busy staring and drooling over that body that we miss the movie and the other people in it. Hey we are gay guys right, and we are not dead yet. Hugs


    • Chris Hemsworth is a fine looking fellow. wish I looked half as good. Hell, one tenth as good would be nice. 🙂

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    • Me also….me also


    • however the drool around here gets hard to mop up after one of his movies…. :O 🙂 😛


    • I’m sure he has the ladies drooling over him as well. That’s what I’d like. Bet he has a tough life romantically, eh? 🙂

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    • Oh your wit is sharp and well honed. I wish I had your quick thought and reason. Now think on this, two older gay guys with a semi bi but mostly hetero adult son watching movies where his dads won’t stop admiring and talking about the thor guy … Well moive night here in our home gets more debate than politics…:P


    • I oogle over Scarlett Johansen when watching Marvel movies. I like sexy, strong women. She fits the bill. 🙂


  3. Does Spider man over-act, though? 😉


  4. Exciting times really. You, my friend, are in a class of your own


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