Putin To Give Trump Spanking Over Election Loss

“You’ve been a BAD boy, Donald Trump,” says Vladimir Putin

Moscow, Russia.  Vladimir Putin today issued a statement expressing his severe displeasure in his minion, American President, Donald Trump, for losing the 2020 election.   “I worked my ass off to help Trump win this election so I could continue to have him do my bidding as I work to rebuild the Soviet Union, and he has severely fucked up,” Putin stated.  “I told him to at least make pretend to take Covid-19 seriously, and he refused to do so.  Also, I demanded that he tell his followers to embrace mail-in voting so they could aggressively vote early, for almost a month, and he refused to listen to me.  His failure to follow my simple orders has cost him this election and has severely slowed my quest to rapidly turn all of Europe into a new Soviet State.  I will be demanding Donald come visit me so I can take him over my powerful Russian knee and spank his entitled, orange, spoiled-rotten ass until it beats red with pain.   You are going to be punished, Donald, because you’ve made your Uncle Putin very, very angry!  Now, get your fat ass over to Russia so I can spank it.  Hard!”

14 thoughts on “Putin To Give Trump Spanking Over Election Loss

  1. Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Thank you not for that for that image of tRump’s huge orange painted flabby ass swallowing up any object used to strike at it. Need brain bleach, eye wash quick. For torture Putin could make prisoners watch the procedure. 😀😁😃😄😋😋 Hugs

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  2. He needs more than to be spanked.
    My friend, what I don’t get is how 70 million plus adults thought he deserved their votes a second time.

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  3. My normal vanilla side laughs at this quite real (fantasy) threat, BUT…

    …my very dark, twisted, sinister side thinks this would be quite enjoyable to watch… and then for an encore all the HOTTEST Russian models on planet Earth hike their skirts up and perform delightful renditions of “Golden Showers” on the face and tiny, tiny, VERY tiny, phallic of a toothpick tally-whacker. Geeeezzzzz!!! I’d pay so much money to watch that show! 😆😈

    Am I a bad boy for that? 😉

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