‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

'Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

Men, how many times have you wanted to simply grab a woman by the pussy and stick your tongue down her throat but hesitated because you had bad breath?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Well, the Republican Party, in an effort to raise money for its outstanding presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has just the thing for you: ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs.  Just pop two of these babies into your mouth and you’re free to sexually assault any woman of any age you wish without the troublesome problem of bad breath.    Rapists and misogynists everywhere can now rejoice, ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs are here to keep all of your woman-hatin’ activities fresh and breathtakingly pure.   Each box of ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs is only 14.99 and can be purchased at billclintonwasworse.com.  100% of all proceeds go to support Donald Trump’s glorious race for the Presidency of the United States.   Join the Republican Party in its proudest moment ever and buy a box of ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs.  Donald, and your next sexual assault victim, will be glad you did.


46 thoughts on “‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

  1. Well, this has a ring of truth to it, you know? It’s funny but it could all so easily be real and because of that it leaves a slightly bitter taste in your mouth

  2. Brilliant.

    Thanks for the laughter, Jeff.

  3. hahahaha…very droll – and on the nose. continue…

  4. Trump Is the iceberg di una mentalità maschilista volgare il rapporto alla ricchezza e al potere dell’uomo sulla donna!
    Per ben 20 anni Berlusconi presidente del Consiglio italiano ci ha svergognato in tutto il mondo per le tue prodezze sessuali con donne giovanissime diventate a vario titolo ministro del governo amministratori comunali e così via soltanto per essere passate nel suo letto!
    Questo è!

  5. And soon to be Pres, I reckon.
    Gonna be an interesting Christmas that’s for sure!

    • No. He’s a ship that’s sinking fast. Multiple big name Republicans are publicly disavowing him and calling for him to pull out of the race. He won’t, but this latest news about him has truly damaged his chances. His hard core supporters will never stop defending him, but he needs much more than just them to win next moth. If he fucks up in tonight’s debate, and in all likelihood he will, it’s over. People who support this pig are as offensive as he is, if not more so.

    • Will the republicans put forward another nominee or will it be all over bar the shouting?

    • They want Pence, who’s a right-wing religious wack job, but it’s not gonna happen. ‘Lil Donnie will never pull out. Plus, there’s 29 days til the election. All the ballots are printed and early voting has started in some states. For ‘Lil Donnie, everything is riding on tonight’s debate. If he fucks it up and/or says lewd and despicable things, and why wouldn’t he, he’ll probably lose the support of many more Republican higher ups and perhaps even Paul Ryan. Trump is having a very negative effect on down ballot voting across the country for Republicans. And that, is a very good thing. The prick may very well still become President, though. Never underestimate the idiocy of the average American.

    • I still reckon he will be the next pres..

    • Possibly, but he’s dug himself into a very deep hole.

    • Maybe there are more people that would rather have a bad republican like Trump than a Dem like Hilary Clinton?
      You know your fellow American better than I do.

    • No. Americans, on the whole, are poorly educated and very proud of it. Poor and elderly people continually vote Republican even though Republicans are doing all in their power to eliminate taxes for the rich, eliminate Social Security and Medicare, and find new and exciting ways to ram rusted bars of metal up the assholes of the poor, the disabled and the elderly. The defiant pride with which far too many Americans take in their own lack of education and reasoning skills allow fuck heads like tRump to get to where he’s gotten and religious right wack jobs to dictate into public law their disgusting religious doctrine. Trump is a symptom of a disease in America that is going nowhere fast. It’s called the “I’m dumb, uneducated, overly emotional, and filled with pride because of it” disease. Why is America great? Because…GOD!!! And because….FREEDOM!!!! Learn these two things and learn to say them loud and with a superior sense of pride, and you too can be an American.

    • S okay, ewe have our own specialty in South Africa, you can count on that!

      But we can have a friendly wager. Drinks on me if and when we ever bump into each other says Trump gets in.
      The New Pres. of the US of Eh?

    • You betcha!

    • Geez, you got your Americans figured out just as well as some of us up here a coupla miles over the 49th know them to be – with some exceptions but I think most of those crossed the border already… Thanks for the many smiles. Keep that up, you could become my blog hero… I know, who the hell cares… 🙂

    • I do. Always wanted to be a hero. Tried to join the Avengers once but they turned me down. Said I had noi super powers. The bastards. 🙂

    • Blind bastards more like: didn’t they see that lightning bolt? You should have sent a few inches of it up that Steed guy’s ass. Then you’d had Mrs. Peel all to yourself. But that’s not you, it’s what a tRump would’ve done. Geez, what am I sayin’? I liked that Steed guy, how can I say you should have fried his ass? How fickle is love… and it’s only been, what, forty years? Oh well, you never know, Hancock may be making a come back… if you don’t mind a boozin’ buddy.

    • $Amen$

  6. I’m not sure anymore whether to despise Trump, or the people that continue to support him.

    Great post 🙂

  7. He’s a disgusting walking shit bag, not to mention the leader of the deplorable assholes that kiss his ass…

  8. Oh, before I go, there is one good thing I can say on behalf of the Donald: he’s doing his level best to convince anybody supporting him that they’re misogynistic, racist, bigoted, white-supremacist ignorant assholes… doing his Trump business acumen best to sink his own ship before the election. There’s a kind of “honesty” in that. If he’d been running for captain of the Titanic his campaign slogan would have been, “I’m going to make this ship great again; I’m going to make this ship unforgettable. I’m going to run it into the absolutest, humoungousest mother of an iceberg God’s ever made, and I’m going to sink this ship and drown most of the people on board. Hear me, you pussies?”

  9. This is fun to watch 🙂

    • It is, in a sad, scary kinda way. I hope this sinks his boat, but who knows. Paul Ryan uninvited him to a rally he (Ryan) was holding today, and multiple Republican senators and congressmen are disavowing him. Damn hard to win an election that way, but, once again, this is America, and Americans are not the brightest candles on the world’s birthday cake.

  10. Isn’t a “positive change” in the GOP kind of like hoping for a positive change in the GOD?

  11. I just HAD to reblog this – priceless. Thanks, IBTD…

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    Too good to pass up – I just HAD to reblog this.

  13. This is really sad. Read it on Twitter and heard of his apology and then shocked to read his apologists. There are people who think he is the best thing to happen to America.
    I would like to know what they think of the Philippines president

    • People supporting Trump have never heard of the Philippines. He could rape children on TV and his fan base would applaud him. Thing is, comments like he made here are not going to win voters for him. He’s driving nails into the sinking ship he’s on and his minions are butt-hurt over it. This dude is a really despicable human being.

    • I do hope, my friend, that you are right and in another month, this thing will be over. That maybe there will be a positive change in the GOP

    • Let’s hope.

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