‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

'Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs

Men, how many times have you wanted to simply grab a woman by the pussy and stick your tongue down her throat but hesitated because you had bad breath?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Well, the Republican Party, in an effort to raise money for its outstanding presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has just the thing for you: ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs.  Just pop two of these babies into your mouth and you’re free to sexually assault any woman of any age you wish without the troublesome problem of bad breath.    Rapists and misogynists everywhere can now rejoice, ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs are here to keep all of your woman-hatin’ activities fresh and breathtakingly pure.   Each box of ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs is only 14.99 and can be purchased at billclintonwasworse.com.  100% of all proceeds go to support Donald Trump’s glorious race for the Presidency of the United States.   Join the Republican Party in its proudest moment ever and buy a box of ‘Lil Donnie Trump Tic Tacs.  Donald, and your next sexual assault victim, will be glad you did.