93% Of Trump Supporters Believe ISIS Is Part Of The Soviet Union


New York, New York.   The results of a survey released today by CNN shows that 93% of Donald Trump supporters firmly believe ISIS is part of the Soviet Union.  “These results are shocking, to say the least,” said Ben Atdanee, a professional survey conductor and part-time tuba tuner for CNN.  “The survey consisted of just one question: Is ISIS part of the Soviet Union?   There were only three possible answers: Yes, no, or undecided.  93 of the 100 Trump supporters surveyed said yes.  The other 7 said they were undecided.   When told the Soviet Union dissolved over 2 decades ago and ISIS never had anything to do with it, 87 of the 100 participants shouted, in unison, ‘Fuckin’ Benghazi, mother fucker!’  The other 13 were too drunk to respond verbally to the statement so they simply belched and passed out.  Next week we’ll be conducting a survey to see how many Trump supports are in favor of placing a wall around New Mexico as well as Mexico.  The results of it will be published once we have them.”

26 thoughts on “93% Of Trump Supporters Believe ISIS Is Part Of The Soviet Union

  1. And when one lone voice shouted ”IS NOT!” 10,000 paid-for volunteer Trump supporters all retorted in unison” IS IS”.

    So there you have it folks.

    I heard Lewis Black was thinking of retiring for lack of political material but now that Don T is a shoe-in he might not retire just jet!

    Four years of Donald Trump?

    It is going to be mind-blowing. Well, blowing something.


    • Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. It most certainly might, but a “shoe-in” it won’t be. This election will be extremely close either way. Unfortunately, if tRump wins, he’ll probably get himself impeached by year two handing the Presidency to Pence, a fundamentalist christian shit-bag who’s far more dangerous than tRump and nowhere near as humor inspiring. I live in a country of idiots and right-wing religious extremists. Kinda sucks.


  2. The comments are almost as funny as the post. Are you getting scared yet? Coz I am, I get that terrible feeling of dread every time I think of the upcoming elections.


    • I’ve a sick feeling in my stomach over it. I hope with all I can tRump doesn’t win. I’m angered by the idiocy of my fellow Americans that this bag of shit has gotten to this point. Anyone thinking this feces sack should be leader of the free world needs to be heavily medicated and hospitalized.

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    • Yet there are those who think HRC is the more “shittier” of the two. One person on my blog defended her and commented that while DT may have egg on his face, she has “blood on her hands.”


    • I just read that. I don’t think he was defending Hillary, I believe he was defending tRump. Those who do so are using the same part of their brain as the fundamentalist Christians who insist, and profusely argue, that it is they who are right and reasonable people who are wrong. tRump lacks all signs of empathy, kindness, intelligence, savvy, poise, dignity, and basic human decency that one would hope to see in any human being let alone one running for the Presidency. Those who defend and support this vile piece of vomit are as frightening to me as he is. They are blind oafs, unable to see reason and unable to change. It’s sad, but folks like the dude on your blog are lost. Let’s just pray to Veles they don’t get to see their boy, tRump, become our leader. If he does, he’ll soon not only have blood on his hands, he’ll have brain matter and radioactive residue all over them as well. It’s useless to argue with tRumpites. They’re irredeemable.


    • Yes, I got the impression he was defending tRump … did I make it sound otherwise?


    • You wrote, “One person on my blog defended her and commented….” I know you meant to say he defended tRump.


    • Agree to all of this. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep when election time comes around


    • Neither will I.


  3. Probably those 93% also believe George III is still king and the Roman and Ottoman empires are still alive and kicking 😉


  4. The results next survey would be interesting


  5. Is the Tea Party still functional up there, or have all the teabillies morphed into Trumpites?


  6. Can scarcely wait for the next survey. These tRump supporters are one of a kind.


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