Merry God Damn Christmas Everyone!

“Say Kids,” Says Santa, “Come On Over Here ‘N Plop Down On Santa’s Lap! OK?”

To all my 5 billion world-wide readers and to all my friends at the Nobel Prize Committee, have a Merry God Damn Christmas and a Mother Effing Great New Year!   $Amen$

26 thoughts on “Merry God Damn Christmas Everyone!

  1. Just so you know, there was an ad on your post that said “We’re hiring backend developers.” That solicitation may not be big news to you, but my backend was too well developed even before Christmas dinner and today’s leftovers — and my front is equally bulging — so I won’t be answering the ad.

    I trust this won’t discourage the advertiser from supporting your blog.

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  2. Merry Freakin’ GoodMess IBTD1!!! And may your MASSIVE lightning rod (or rods) be as BRIGHT and LETHAL as the Star of BetYoLilHam (isn’t kosher) once was!!! 🎄🌟⚡ I bid you jolly tidings of good cheer fine Sir and a GoodMess of a New Year! ❤ 😈

    Oh, and a damn delightful blog-post btw! 😁

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  3. Since I’m a prude and never use “bad” words, I will not return your effin’ greeting and wish you a GD great holiday!

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  4. You, Mother Effin, too! You’d better, goddamnit. 😛

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  5. From one of your five billion worldwide readers…

    Merry effing Christmas, bro!

    Stuffed pizza tonight?

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  6. Mary effing Christmas my friend.
    And hope to see you in the new year

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  7. Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Best wishes. I hope you get all you want and have lots of fun. Hugs

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