Chicken Lays Duck Egg Is Stunned As To How

“How In Fuck’s Name Did THIS Happen,” Says Surprised Chicken That Laid Duck Egg

Amazing City, Alabama.  In stunning news today a chicken, owned by a farmer named Henry Yankmeoff, laid a duck, and not a chicken egg.   “This is just shocking,” said Farmer Yankmeoff.  Neither I, nor my chicken, have a bloody clue as to how such a miraculous thing could have happened, but this morning, at about 5AM, my chicken laid a duck’s egg.  “This is truly miraculous.”  When Farmer Yankmeoff was asked how he and his chicken knew that it was a duck egg and not a chicken egg that was laid, Farmer Yankmeoff replied,”Because the egg was laid quacked you silly goose!”

10 thoughts on “Chicken Lays Duck Egg Is Stunned As To How

  1. Why did the chicken cross the road? To mate with a handsome Mallard duck.

    Don’t laugh! A house in my neighborhood has a few chickens and ducks. One of the chickens paired-up with one of the ducks (both female) and are inseparable companions. I’ve been watching them for months now and have never seen them apart. I call them “Cagney and Lacey.”

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