Thoughts On Gun Violence In America

The Media And Liberals Are The Cause Of Mass Shootings In America Not Guns

I have come up with some Nobel Prize winning thoughts on gun violence in America: what its causes are and how to best end it.  I’m including these flawless thoughts in my platform as I run for the US Senate in 2020.  I am the only solution to the problem that is a liberal-infested, media-haunted America.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong and a libtard.  Period.

The media should be required, under penalty of death, to report only what our government WANTS us to know. Turn each shooting into a “Candy Given Away To Hungry Kids” headline, and all will be well.  Shootings will stop, and a happy bliss will fall over America.   Hell, don’t cover ANY shootings and INCREASE the ease with which people can purchase weapons–THAT will surely solve the problem.  To further my argument, let me list the following, true, causes of gun violence in America.

1.) Media coverage of shootings is, first and foremost, the main reason gun violence exists in America.  Period.   2.) Video games. These, without a doubt, are making mass shooters out of our youth. There is NO argument against this that even begins to make sense.  3.) Comic books and violent films.  Again, it is inarguable that THESE things are a MAJOR cause of mass shootings in America.  Only sissified liberals argue differently.  4.) Media coverage of mass shootings. (I know, this is also reason one, but it is SO much a reason as to why these shootings happen, I felt I just HAD to mention it again. OK?)  5.) Liberals who are demanding stricter gun sales.  These sissified, anti-American a-holes are a MASSIVE cause of mass shootings because they rouse trouble wherever they go by talking their leftist, commie bullshit.  This enrages true Americans who then read comic books and play video games; this then leads them to use their otherwise safe semi-automatic weapons to kill hundreds.  Science supports me on this, as does the internet.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

To conclude, there are few horrid things that happen in America today that aren’t caused by liberals, the media and their disgusting disregard for the truth the rest of us Christ-loving Americans are so proud of.   Like Sally Field once said to Burt Reynolds, “Burt, if the media ignored libtards and mass shootings and only told us about the happier things in life, we’d have nothing to ever worry about.”  Wiser words have never been spoken.  Think about it: If you don’t hear about a blood-filled mass shooting that happened in a city across the country from you, did it really even happen?

35 thoughts on “Thoughts On Gun Violence In America

  1. I always love your articles, but in fairness I believe I should point something out. There are actually psychological underpinnings to the idea that media coverage causes more shootings. I’m trying to find an article about it for more clarification….

    I’m not saying the media did it. I’m not saying we don’t have a problem. I’m just explaining the increase in mass shootings on the individual level.

    Basically, it goes like this. Imagine you have a protest. Lots of angry people. Despite their anger, they still hold back on physical destruction even if they think it would be enjoyable or necessary or warranted. But nobody does it because that isn’t the mood of the group as a whole.

    But if just one person decides to throw a rock and break a window, it opens the door. Another person didn’t want to be the first person, but now that someone else did it, they also throw a rock. Another person didn’t want to be the first couple, but now that a couple people have thrown rocks, they throw a rock. Etc.

    Again, I’m not saying the media CAUSES mass shootings, but they have opened the proverbial door for the next teenager that is depressed to express himself in this manner. It’s gradually become the socially known thing to do.

    I only mention this because many on the right will ask why there weren’t school shootings back when people took guns to school for gun safety class. The answer could very well be this idea that nobody had thrown that first stone, or at least they didn’t know about it.

    Unfortunately, now that the door- nay, the floodgates are open, we can’t put this genie back in the bottle. We are gonna have to address the causes of these shootings. Access to mental health services and red flag laws couldn’t hurt.

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    • True stuff. The media makes celebrities out of these shooters. They get their 15 minutes of fame by killing people and get non-stop media coverage for it. Thus, the next lonely, mentally effed up person with VERY easy access to semi-automatic and/or automatic weapons pick one up and kill people to get the same attention. I’m not a fan in the least of the leech-like, parasitic nature of our media. The media has also, IMO, helped get Trump elected, and NOT just Fox News media either, and they continue to normalize his despicable, repulsive behavior.

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  2. We here in Finland have more guns per capita, than the US. We also have a government funded news channel the national broadcasting company YLE, that is generally held as the most reliable source for information and news. We are (according to a recent research) the happiest nation on the planet, even though we are famous among our neighbouring nations to be a humourless lot, who hardly ever speak and only laugh at cruel and improper things. We have a state religion of Lutheran Christianity.

    Most of us serve in the armed forces, so we actually know how to handle our guns safely. We have strict gun regulation. Gun permits are not given for self protection. We trust our well educated police. We trust our officials who are among the least corrupt in the world. We kill each other often, but mostly not by our guns, rather our fists and knives. Every Finn has a knife as is well known by all the Swedes and the Russians even have named knives “Finnish ladies”.

    The national broadcasting company is not in the direction of any current government as such. It has strict ethic and quality standards it has to follow and remain impartial. It is interresting though, how it is the right-wing extremists who are the most likely to accuse this broadcasting company for being a spokes horn for wich ever government exists and especially those pesky socialists and the greens party.

    The metrics for our happiness come from the fact that we have very good social service. There are no private schools. We all get the same education and free healthcare. Even the university is for free and government actually pays a small living support for the students. But we are a gloomy bunch who have the highest suicide ratings in the world. It is very difficult to blame the society or anybody else for your own failures. We live in such a plethora of equal opportunity, that it really is your own fault if you fail here.

    Our state church is very liberal indeed. It has some fundamentalists, but in reality their public appearances have a tendency to create a wave of people leaving the church. The church membership is in rapid decline. Most Finns who belong to the church visit it only because of funerals and weddings. The good social service system guarantees it, that the Finns do not really need their church for anything, exept for funerals for which they have a sort of monopoly.

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    • I don’t know, brother! Sounds REALLY anti-America to me! A good social service system?! Naw. Tax cuts for the richest citizens and cuts to social programs. That’s America, by Jesus, and that’s how we likes it! 😀 Thanks for the comment, BTW. Nice of you to stop by.

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    • Question … what type of funding does the government use in your country? Is is all individual taxes?

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    • @Nan. In practice most of us pay hardly any taxes. Our employers pay a certain percentage of taxes from our salaries directly to the government. We say we pay the taxes and indeed the money is taken from what we earn. Income tax is progressive, so more taxes are paid according to what you can afford to pay. In addition, you can get tax exemptions for work related travelling costs and such.

      There is the VAT, but it is included in the prices of items, so even though the government takes a certain percentage from the sale, people in general do not even think that they are taxed in the process. There is hardly any taxes for property exept for leisure items like motorbikes (because for most of the year it is impossible to drive a motorbike, since it is too cold, so it is not a transport as such, but owned only for fun).

      The enterpeneuer pays their own taxes. The revenue office sends them a suggestion of what they need to pay according to their earnings, and they in return suggest exemptions for work related costs. In general the system works without any bigger hiccups. Indeed the goverment supports the enterpeneurs whith many supportive payments, like a sort of beginners fees, for a few months after the enterpeneuer has opened their shop and even larger companies get money from the government for development. Taxes also pay for the government run development and test installations, that provides basic research for many companies.

      The rich pay the taxes as they feel that they are paying their employees taxes (because otherwise they would get to keep the money), and are very annoyed about it, becouse our rich are like rich people everywhere in that they can never have enough. They make up schemes to awoid taxes by offshore funds like having postal box companies in tax-paradises such as Jersey or Lichtenstein.

      However, in general we get a good return for the taxes paid from our income. Reliable police, reliable officials, reliable firedepartment, reliable and mostly free medical care, reliable and free education up to the highest levels and a reliable military that most of us participate in at some point of our lives.

      The system is far from perfect, but it is helluwalot better than many other systems and we get to make it better all the time.

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    • Thank you so much for your detailed response! I guess I’m still a bit curious, however.

      You wrote, “In practice most of us pay hardly any taxes.” Yet in your earlier comment, you wrote we have a very good “social service” — and then indicated that schools, medical care, etc. are all paid for. Where is the money coming from for these services?

      Perhaps because I live in a country that continues to squeeze as much money as possible from -most- people (excluding, of course, the rich), and we STILL don’t have the benefits that you and some other countries have, I can’t wrap my head around how you make it work.

      As you indicated in your last comment, “

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    • @Nan. Well, what I tried to express with saying that we hardly pay any taxes was, that I do not feel like I was paying the taxes when my boss pays my income taxes. The employer pays both the taxes and the pension. Most employers even pay the union fees. It is a legally binding contract, that they subtract from our salaries the amount of money and pay it to the revenue office, the pension organization and the trade union. Of course, it is all written down in the form that it is I who pay those from my income, but in practice I do not have to do anything for them to get paid, exept perhaps inform my employer of the trade union I belong to. I refuse to be sorry, that I somehow had to pay those, because most of my bosses (at least when I am working in the private sector) already feel like it was infact they who had to pay those and actually did. The same money can not be lost twise by two different people. Especially when it is not lost, but I get good return in a working society and services it provides me super cheap. It is the owners of the company, who feel they lose money when they have to pay the taxes from the workers salaries – And indeed they are right. If they did not pay the taxes, that keep up the high standard of social services, they would have to pay a lot less and from the same amount of work, they would get to keep a bigger portion of money. That would of course mean, that I as a citizen would have to pay for my healthcare, education of my offspring and my own pension from a smaller salary and less income. The rich would be richer and the poor would be poorer, everybody would be a lot more unhappy, because the poor would have a good reason to be unhappy, and the rich would not be any more satisfied in their thirst for more. Would they? They never have enough! There would be a lot more crime and unrest in the society because the poor would become desperate. Why would any worker want that?

      However, we have people whose political ideology is to benefit the rich (because they are rich, or would very much want to be rich), or whose ability to see, that the society remains calm as a result of proper social services is somehow impeded. These people have for decades tried to privatize the health care system. It is simply stupid. Our public and taxpayer funded health care system is one of the cheapest ways to provide the highest quality treatment for the inidividual in need (and it is awailable to everyone), while the private hospitals are expensive, because they do not only need to take care of their patients, but also provide profit to their owners, wich of course goes deep into their pockets and eats from the funds a hospital needs to get it’s job done. What next private schools, so that the parents have to send their kids away from home because the schools where they live become lesser quality than some other school? What if we then decide to privatize the police and the army? Somebody could make brilliant profit from owning the army.

      Our army is relatively cheap too. It does not exist so much as a means for the rich owners of military industry to get back huge part of the tax revenue, as it exists to actually provide a protection for our way of life. We live as the neighbours of Russia and that is an empire, that sometimes invades it’s neighbours (because they feel they have to defend their “interrests” abroad). Our military has a high degree of training to be a guerilla fighter and that my friends is what all the bigger armies fear. The cheap cost of our army is mostly due to having the universal draft system. Almost all males and a growing number of females serve in the armed forces for a period of time for free. Even the men can choose not to serve in the military, but then they serve the society in some other public service role, like in pensioners homes, hospitals, libraries, etc. The national service has some positive effects for the society, like the fact, that altough we have quite a lot of hunting guns, we do not kill each other in freak accidents, like accidentally shoot our mates (looking at Dick Cheney) or family members since we are taught how to handle guns safely. It also means we have a high commitment to defend the society we have as it is (the Russians have tried and tested our willingness to defend and found it not worth the fight to invade our country any more). The reason for this commitment comes not only from the military indoctrination – yes, it obviously serves as indoctrination – we get by participating in the national service, but also from the debt we feel we have for the society for providing us with equal opportunity to good education and affordable health care and of course multiparty parliamentary system, that provides us all with a voice in the society – even if some of those voices are really stupid. The multi-party system also means, that all descisions in our society are compromises between a bunch of different views. Our politicians can simply not implement a dictatorship of the majority type of policies. A high level of consensus is always needed for any bigger changes. For example, we now have an able and functional mainly socialist government, that involves two different socialist parties, the greens party and a market liberal “center” party, that was also a member in the former conservative government we had. Our president has hardly any role in the governing of the country, but he has a lot to say and decide if we have a national crisis. This way we do not have two conflicting powerhouses in our politics. The parliament makes all the descisions during peacetime.

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    • “What if we then decide to privatize the police and the army? Somebody could make brilliant profit from owning the army.” I ask this question to those who oppose socialized medicine in the States this question all the time. “Why not privatize everything? Why is it my concern if someone else needs a cop and can’t afford to call one? Why is it my business, and why should I pay for it, if someone needs a fire department and can’t afford to call one? Why?” Never get a good answer to these questions. It is also shocking how many people collecting Social Security and using Medicare vote for the very people people who are trying to remove those things. “Oh, they won’t take away MY Social Security! They’re just gonna make it so those illegal brown people can’t use it!” No. No, that’s NOT what they’re trying to do. They want to eliminate YOUR Social Security! The way your country works is so foreign to American way of thought it might as well be from…well…another country. 🙂 Just ask the wealthy in your country to take a peek over here at the friggin’ mess catering to the rich in favor of almost all else has caused us when they decry your system. We can do better here, and we must because the path we’ve now chosen for ourselves is leading us into civil war. It’s a war in which I will gladly fight on the side of the have-nots over those who want to hoard all for themselves.

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    • Thank you so much, rautakyy, for your detailed response (both of them!). I envy you. Yes, I know no government is perfect, but your set-up sounds a hellava lot better than ours!

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  3. Careful. There are many upon whom sarcasm is lost.


    • I know. You simply would NOT believe the thousands of people who actually think I’ve been given a Nobel Prize and that I’m currently the mayor of New York AND that I was once Pope! Unreal! Look, do me a favor, brother. THIS is how I write, and WHAT I write. It is exactly what I will continue to write. If you dislike it, that is perfectly fine, but, please, just don’t read it. There is no need to tell me sarcasm is lost on some people. At this point, I truly believe it is lost on YOU. So, thanks for stopping by, but if you do, remember, THIS is exactly what you’ll get–well, this and me claiming I’ve been given various Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, because..well..because I have. Peace out, brother, and remember, the only way to make America free again is to vote for me in 2020. $Amen$


  4. Sometimes I wish I was an American just so I could vote for you!

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  5. Jeff, the take on the media is brilliant especially so because there is some journalist who has made the exact same proposition

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    • I find much, if not all, of what the media does to be repulsive, sensationalist, click-bail tripe. BUT, we NEED to keep the control of information out of the exclusive hands of government and, for now, in the States at least, the first amendment is our best way of ensuring this happens. Once we attempt a government/state sanctioned protocol as to what can and what can not be covered, or attempt to control HOW news is covered, by the media we go down a dark rabbit hole of fascism that we may never recover from. I just wish there were more decent journalism being done these days. All the news media cares about is clicks and ratings. I find it rather tiring.


    • Most media houses care about the bottom line only and clicks make that possible. I think the suggestion to self censure to a situation where they don’t inform the public on things like gun violence is not going to be helpful in the long run.

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    • I agree. The only way to make a dent in gun violence here in the States is to make it not so easy to get guns. Period. Not reporting mass shootings is simply not a good path to go down.


    • And I think that’s the common sense solution why people are skirting around it borders on the ridiculous

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  6. Hello Inspired. Dang I knew all social ills were caused by those twerps on X-Box that keep beating my butt on first person shooter games. I bet they are demonic with the speed they have on the buttons and how they can move, shoot, and appear out of nowhere. You have done our country a service and deserve that no bells … oops I mean noble … sorry that big prize thing. Hugs

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    • Thanks. And remember to support me in my 2020 senatorial race by mocking as many libtards as you can. I HATE those leftist, commie, socialist pricks. Hell, some of ’em are even GAY!!! Can you believe that shit?! Bastards.

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  7. Reblogged this on The Secular Jurist and commented:

    Once again our illustrious satirist, who has been so unfairly ignored by the Nobel Prize Committee, has hit the mark with some MUST READ social commentary. Bravo, my friend, and good luck on your senate campaign!

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  8. To be honest, most households do need a 50 calibre sniper rifle.

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