Thoughts On Gun Violence In America

The Media And Liberals Are The Cause Of Mass Shootings In America Not Guns

I have come up with some Nobel Prize winning thoughts on gun violence in America: what its causes are and how to best end it.  I’m including these flawless thoughts in my platform as I run for the US Senate in 2020.  I am the only solution to the problem that is a liberal-infested, media-haunted America.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong and a libtard.  Period.

The media should be required, under penalty of death, to report only what our government WANTS us to know. Turn each shooting into a “Candy Given Away To Hungry Kids” headline, and all will be well.  Shootings will stop, and a happy bliss will fall over America.   Hell, don’t cover ANY shootings and INCREASE the ease with which people can purchase weapons–THAT will surely solve the problem.  To further my argument, let me list the following, true, causes of gun violence in America.

1.) Media coverage of shootings is, first and foremost, the main reason gun violence exists in America.  Period.   2.) Video games. These, without a doubt, are making mass shooters out of our youth. There is NO argument against this that even begins to make sense.  3.) Comic books and violent films.  Again, it is inarguable that THESE things are a MAJOR cause of mass shootings in America.  Only sissified liberals argue differently.  4.) Media coverage of mass shootings. (I know, this is also reason one, but it is SO much a reason as to why these shootings happen, I felt I just HAD to mention it again. OK?)  5.) Liberals who are demanding stricter gun sales.  These sissified, anti-American a-holes are a MASSIVE cause of mass shootings because they rouse trouble wherever they go by talking their leftist, commie bullshit.  This enrages true Americans who then read comic books and play video games; this then leads them to use their otherwise safe semi-automatic weapons to kill hundreds.  Science supports me on this, as does the internet.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

To conclude, there are few horrid things that happen in America today that aren’t caused by liberals, the media and their disgusting disregard for the truth the rest of us Christ-loving Americans are so proud of.   Like Sally Field once said to Burt Reynolds, “Burt, if the media ignored libtards and mass shootings and only told us about the happier things in life, we’d have nothing to ever worry about.”  Wiser words have never been spoken.  Think about it: If you don’t hear about a blood-filled mass shooting that happened in a city across the country from you, did it really even happen?


25 thoughts on “Thoughts On Gun Violence In America

  1. Careful. There are many upon whom sarcasm is lost.


    • I know. You simply would NOT believe the thousands of people who actually think I’ve been given a Nobel Prize and that I’m currently the mayor of New York AND that I was once Pope! Unreal! Look, do me a favor, brother. THIS is how I write, and WHAT I write. It is exactly what I will continue to write. If you dislike it, that is perfectly fine, but, please, just don’t read it. There is no need to tell me sarcasm is lost on some people. At this point, I truly believe it is lost on YOU. So, thanks for stopping by, but if you do, remember, THIS is exactly what you’ll get–well, this and me claiming I’ve been given various Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, because..well..because I have. Peace out, brother, and remember, the only way to make America free again is to vote for me in 2020. $Amen$


  2. Sometimes I wish I was an American just so I could vote for you!

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  3. Jeff, the take on the media is brilliant especially so because there is some journalist who has made the exact same proposition

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    • I find much, if not all, of what the media does to be repulsive, sensationalist, click-bail tripe. BUT, we NEED to keep the control of information out of the exclusive hands of government and, for now, in the States at least, the first amendment is our best way of ensuring this happens. Once we attempt a government/state sanctioned protocol as to what can and what can not be covered, or attempt to control HOW news is covered, by the media we go down a dark rabbit hole of fascism that we may never recover from. I just wish there were more decent journalism being done these days. All the news media cares about is clicks and ratings. I find it rather tiring.


    • Most media houses care about the bottom line only and clicks make that possible. I think the suggestion to self censure to a situation where they don’t inform the public on things like gun violence is not going to be helpful in the long run.

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    • I agree. The only way to make a dent in gun violence here in the States is to make it not so easy to get guns. Period. Not reporting mass shootings is simply not a good path to go down.


    • And I think that’s the common sense solution why people are skirting around it borders on the ridiculous

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  4. Hello Inspired. Dang I knew all social ills were caused by those twerps on X-Box that keep beating my butt on first person shooter games. I bet they are demonic with the speed they have on the buttons and how they can move, shoot, and appear out of nowhere. You have done our country a service and deserve that no bells … oops I mean noble … sorry that big prize thing. Hugs

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    • Thanks. And remember to support me in my 2020 senatorial race by mocking as many libtards as you can. I HATE those leftist, commie, socialist pricks. Hell, some of ’em are even GAY!!! Can you believe that shit?! Bastards.

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  5. Reblogged this on The Secular Jurist and commented:

    Once again our illustrious satirist, who has been so unfairly ignored by the Nobel Prize Committee, has hit the mark with some MUST READ social commentary. Bravo, my friend, and good luck on your senate campaign!

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  6. To be honest, most households do need a 50 calibre sniper rifle.

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