Democrats Finally Grow Some Balls

It’s about fucking time.  We, progressives, liberals, Democrats, and all normal human beings, need to fight, resist, and obstruct Trump and his Putin-loving Republican cronies at every single turn.   They’re anti-American, traitorous dogs.  Fuck ’em all.


37 thoughts on “Democrats Finally Grow Some Balls

  1. You know, I find I can’t talk about this without getting angry. Real angry.


  2. “…prompting a bitter showdown with Republicans who accused them of paralyzing the formation of a new administration.”
    Are they fucking serious?
    I don’t mean to be funny but if anybody is paralysing the formation of a new administration, it’s the fucking lunatic president of the US of A with his ridiculous list of deranged people he wants to put in key positions.


  3. I find it sadly ironic how the R’s have been obstructionist for the last 8 years and are crying foul now.

    I’m with you Fuck all the R’s. Bunch of vile disgusting creatures all of them. I hope the people of this country wake up and see what they have done. You ever had that feeling when you were using a knife and it slipped and could have hurt you badly? That moment where you realized how close you were to perhaps gutting yourself? That is the feeling I had the night I saw tRump winning this election.

    Now I’m having it almost every time I turn on the news.


    • I have it hundreds of times a day. I HATE Republicans and their orange savior. I just hope the stench of this sticks on them like the smell of rotting fish for decades. Fuckin’ pussies, the whole lot of ’em.


    • Several years ago I ran into some guy who muttered something about how terribly disgusting those damn liberals were.

      I figured right there was a Faux News nut licker.

      I am having a bit of a moment here, realising that perhaps I/we have reached the other end of that spectrum.

      We are a country divided. All I can say is we are on the side of reason. So we got that going for us.


    • I agree. I’m a large, 52 year old, white dude with a thick Chicago accent. So, when I go to my local bar to watch Bears, Cubs, and Hawks games, I’m considered one of the “boys” by the mostly white crowd there. I listen as it’s explained to me what an awful “n” word Obama was and what a great dude tRump is. I stay quiet, because I appreciate learning how these Trumpites think. Anyone who believes tRump didn’t win due to racism, bigotry, and misogyny is a blind idiot who refuse to see reality. Trumpites are sickening, and Republicans are vile, despicable shit-heels.


    • I’ve had to manuever my way through some situations like that too. I do the best I can to maintain the side of civility, but if and when all else fails, or I’m just not close enough to the door, I have a knockout punch and ain’t skeered to use it 🙂

      …and you are correct. Racism, bigotry, and conservative religious values (oxymoron alert!) voted in tRump.

      Who you got in the Superbowl?


    • New England. Not a huge fan, but, god damn it, to be THIS good for almost 2 decades is really amazing. Brady, is simply one of THE best, if not THE best QB to ever play the game. I won’t be hurt either way, but what the Pats have done is truly amazing, especially in this free agent era.


    • The only other QB mentionable in the same sentence of greatness is Montana.

      I am favoring the Pats, but I think it’s going to be a shootout, and may well be who has the ball last wins. At least I hope it goes that way 🙂


    • I think you’re right. Yeah, Montana’s right up there. Very similar to Brady. Skinny, geeky lookin’ dudes you’d never think would be such amazing QB’s. Smart, fast, and arms just strong enough to fuck over their opponents over and over again.


    • Hope you don’t mind, but … $Amen$


    • $Amen$ 🙂 🙂


  4. Hahaha… this is exactly what tRump had no clue what he was getting into in Washington D.C. with his asinine campaign ideas that he can just sweep federal protocols and establishment aside to do what HE wants to do is reminiscent of any of history’s past meglomaniacs and their eventual self-destruction. However, due to Repub majorities in both chambers of Congress along with Scalia’s open Supreme Court seat, this meglomaniac still wields a big bat. 😦


  5. I am asking myself how the Dems will manage with a Republican majority in both houses? Are there Republicans who are willing to vote with the Dems?


  6. I’d like to think the list of ways to block the Repugs that I sent to my Democratic senators had a role in this!

    And this comment, We did not inflict this kind of obstructionism on President Obama makes me ask … what universe is he living in???

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  7. Can they seriously keep the court seat open, as Schumer threatened?


  8. You are more honest and concise than I could ever hope to be. I love it! -C


  9. I have taken a lot of heat from some because I believe as you do. I want the democrats to do everything they can to delegitimize tRump as much as possible. I want the democrats to delay, block obstruct, be vocal , be on media, tear into everything thing the republicans are trying to do that doesn’t help the poor or lower incomes. Every time I think of what the republicans did to President Obama I get angry, and the only way to stop them doing it again is to let them feel the pain of having it done to them. A bull doesn’t stop until you hit him back. We need to hit back. Look at the years of stupid birtherism? Look at the shameless way McConnel, after a year of denying Merrick Garland a vote, said that the people wouldn’t stand for the blocking of a nominee. He also said it was a horrible shameful act. Yet he did it for a year without consequence. Democrats have to stop meeting them halfway, but do as they always did, start on our side and insist they come to us. Great post. Hugs

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