For All You “Give Him a Chance” People

Perfectly articulated post on the fools who repeatedly say, “Give the Orange Baby a chance.” Those who voted for him, and those who chose NOT to vote, have given him a chance, and just look what he’s doing with it. Welcome to Nazi America.

17 thoughts on “For All You “Give Him a Chance” People

  1. Scary, uh? I left a comment on the original post and I won’t repeat myself, mainly because it makes me so very angry!


  2. He has defunded or completely stopped all government services that are used by the lower incomes or poor people in the US. He also has cut or eliminated all services that support science and supply data that scientist use that doesn’t support the republican ideology of ruining the environment to make money on fossil fuels. Strange he seems to have no problem with government programs and services that go to assisting the wealthy and upper incomes. Those get an increase of funding and added freedoms to operate. Hugs


  3. Give a megalomaniac a chance? To do what? Satisfy his sociopathic impulses at everyone’s expense? No thanks, one Hitler was one too many.

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  4. I agree with you, as some of them just don’t get it, or don’t give a shit.


  5. Off-topic rant: Yes, Give Diversity A Chance, including oranges. I challenge y’all to open up your garages, your homes, your backyards, and the out back sheds to the most need of thy mercy. Y’all must uphold your Christian values, if any.


  6. He’s fucking us royally, and the nit wits who voted for him, are probably saying, what the fuck did we do, voting for this asshole..


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