No Hit Wonders

The Tunes Of No Hit Wonders

Tunes Of No Hit Wonders

Here’s a list of bands I call No Hit Wonders and their most popular, if unknown, songs.

1.) The Milkweeds:  My Mother Made Me Drink It, Even Though It Sucked

2.) Sucka This: It’s So Big Ya’ Kin Barely See It

3.) The Gay Sinatras: It’s Up To You, KY, KY

4.) Girls Without Sense: My Baby Daddy Is Unknown

5.) Strictly Jewish: Hot, Hot, Hot Is Our Matzo Ball Soup

6.) The Militant Atheists: Heaven Is For The Non-Believer

7.) The Crucifiers: Bang Those Nails In

8.) Neptune’s Fingers: We’re Hot Cause We’re Wet

9.) Unanonymous Drinkers: It’s Only Painful When Yer Heavin

10.) Gas Cut Boys: It Was The Dog, Not Me



12 thoughts on “No Hit Wonders

  1. You do crack me up 😀


  2. Darren’s Dick: I want my foreskin back.

    Classic song, but not tailor made for radio.


  3. Do you know where I can find these songs?


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