Tiny Alien Attempts Invasion Of Nevada Desert

 Alien, Half An Inch Tall, Invades Desert Near Las Vegas

Alien, Half An Inch Tall, Invades Desert Near Las Vegas, Nevada


Sally’s Bunny Hatchery, Nevada.   A half-inch tall space alien was photographed today as it attempted an invasion of a desert near Las Vegas, Nevada.   Eyewitness/Photographer, Chrissy Titebottom, had this to say of the event.  “I was taking a pee behind a big rock in the desert when I saw a tiny flash of light about 3 feet in front of me.  After that, I heard a very, very faint voice saying, ‘Surrender this desert to me, you human scum, or suffer my hideous wrath.’  I squinted my eyes and looked down to see an alien, about half an inch tall, wildly waving its arms at me.  I immediately took my phone out and photographed the little bastard before aiming my urine stream at him and flushing him down a rodent hole that was behind him.  I’m pretty sure I killed him, so there was no need to surrender the desert.”

33 thoughts on “Tiny Alien Attempts Invasion Of Nevada Desert

  1. Hahaha WHERE do you get your ideas from????:D


  2. That alien appears to be in the en guarde (spelling?) position, but lacking a sword. Perhaps when miss Miss Titebottom squatted to pee, wait nevermind. Surely not.


  3. Did you by any chance also pee on wee Herman? If so, you saved the world more than once from alien invaders. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Please go pee on Bieber and Barry Manilow (and Sonja Heroldt).


  4. Meanwhile on Mars, an insidious but highly advanced race of tiny rock creatures plotted their revenge on Chrissy Titebottom who had the temerity to pee their brave comrade into rodent-infested oblivion. Their leader, Basaltus Magmanimous, incited the already hostile crowd:

    “Who’ll join my crusade to flatten that top-heavy giant evil-doer on Earth?

    “I will! I will,” echoed the onlookers. “Death to Chrissy!,” they chimed.

    And, there was great rejoicing…


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