It’s not so much that

There’s a right or wrong

But that there’s a



There’s a


When there’s a permeability

To what is


Then what is


Pours into what is




Confuse what is


For what is


It isn’t that


Are right, and


Am wrong,

But that


See that


Are not


And it is wonderfully OK for


To not be, at all, like



30 thoughts on “Separation

  1. “I only said you were a disciplinarian because I meant it in a kinky, light, endearing way.”

    Jeff, I get that now, and I think what threw me was when we were kidding around on Noel’s blog I told you I loved you being naughty, :twisted”, and that meant no disciplinarian action was needed. The naughtier the better. LOL

    And speaking of cold, hard facts, I laid them on her today. Oy vey — she will not take kind to what I shared with her, and will be in complete denial of course. Nevertheless, I have planted a seed, and those lurkers following the comments will read of two personal experiences I had and see the research. wink, wink

  2. LOVED this!

    • Thank you so much. Your comments mean a great deal to me, as I’ve the highest respect for you and your intelligence. In other words, I’m very flattered someone as smart as you likes what I’ve written.

    • Wow, Jeff. You left me speechless there. Sure beats disciplinarian. 😀


    • You do know I meant disciplinarian in the good sense. You know, the kind that straightens out naughty fellows who WANT to straightened out. Thank Jeebus I’m shy when it comes to innuendo.

    • It’s all good — I think I was a tad sensitive after participating in a discussion where a conservative Christian has been calling us “heathens” every demeaning name in the book. 😀

    • Nate’s blog, eh? Did you threaten to eat her? That works. Sometimes. I find if you embrace what they call you, become it (metaphorically) then toss it back at them, it disarms their shit. I started my “I’m a cannibal” campaign after I heard Ken Ham on Fox News last xmas telling people how evil and cannibalistic atheists were. I figured, “OK shit head. I can play that game. Here’s what it would be like if that were true.” I ain’t turned back since, and I managed to personally piss him off. I only said you were a disciplinarian because I meant it in a kinky, light, endearing way. The idiots on Nate’s blog aren’t being funny because they’re assholes. Real assholes. And I do not mean that in an endearing way. Stay away from that shit except for purely scientific purposes. It’s a sickness, and it enrages you in a very destructive way. You, like me, are very angry at that kinda shit for good reason, but don’t get sucked into it. You are too smart, and too decent a human being for that. Screw them with science. Cold hard science and scientific facts. That’s your skill. Mine is to point out just how idiotic they are with humor. Together, we can give them a nice big fat punch in the nuts.

    • You’d never have fun like this on a christian blog!

  3. “And it is wonderfully OK for
    To not be, at all, like

    Oh yeah!

  4. Brilliant! It’s egocentric as fuck, but it’s egocentricity in its purest form you can’t help but feel every human being reasons like this to a certain extent. Very daring piece of work!

    • Thanks a lot. I truly appreciate it.

    • What I love about poetry, and my feeble attempts at it, is that, when it works, it elicits an emotional response from each person who reads it that’s not always exactly the same as the one I had while writing it. I had a specific experience in mind when I wrote this that’s produced different interpretations in different readers. That’s the greatest compliment I can get. I’ll never say exactly what I meant while writing a particular poem. That would defeat the purpose. I just hope to bring the raw emotion I feel to the palate of the reader; then they interpret what they will of it. If I do that, I’ve succeeded. That’s what I’m striving for with these. And that’s why I so much value your feedback, and that of others. Thank you so very much.

    • Funny, as I was writing my comment I wondered if your sentiments were the same as mine. I think you know you’re writing good stuff when different people have a different experience reading it, the same way a piece of music can evoke different emotions with different people. Consider this one of your finest compositions I would say, but of course maybe that’s just me:P

    • Great compliment. Thank you very much.

  5. A splendid musing that scores on both a personal and philosophical basis.

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