Random Bits Of Craziness From The Hamster In My Head

There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head sometimes, I feel there must be a hamster running on a wheel up there producing them. I felt compelled to jot down some of them today even though they’re rather disjointed. Oh, if your smoking a joint and someone pulls it violently from you, you’ve just been dis-jointed.

X-ray Of My Head

X-ray Of My Head

Random Thought One: Putin

I like the sound of Vladimir Putin’s last name: PUUU TTT INNNN! I would write a senseless paragraph with a lot of alliteration and use that name as the inspiration, if only I were a more childish and immature person. Wait! I AM a childish and VERY immature person!  Whew! Glad of that. Now I can write it!

Putin Models His Look On Daniel Craig

Putin Models His Look On Daniel Craig

And Now, A Story.

Putin’s office assistant, Ivan Ur’ass, came home from work one day to his mannish wife, who had a mustache, no front teeth, and enough hair growing under her arms to stuff a queen size mattress with, twice, and said this: “Man, I had a rough day at work, honey. I had to put up with that puddin’ head Putin puttin’ on Presley tunes while eatin’ pizza and putzin’ with a puss on his face which I got tired of placatin’; so I placed him perpendicular, like a pencil, and popped his pretty nose plenty til he plopped down on the patio pavement outside by the pool for a nap. How was yer day? Oh, hand me a pop will ya? I’m pooped.” The End

Random Thought Two: Christian Apologists

Never once have I heard a Christian apologist, during one of those Apologist guy vs Science guy debates, use these four words together in the same sentence: I COULD BE WRONG. Never. Imagine William Craig Lane admitting his intelligent designer hypothesis COULD BE WRONG? No fucking way that will happen. Or imagine Ken Ham admitting he COULD BE WRONG about the Earth only being 6000 years old? No fucking way he’d ever admit that. I apologize, but Apologists have worked very hard to earn the lack of respect I now give them freely. They behave like preteen boys, always wanting to fight over who’s stronger, Superman or Hulk, and never seeing that the answer is simple: neither character is strong because neither character is real. Fighting about things that do not exist is a sure way to waste one’s life.

Random Thought Three: My dog, Roxy

My Best Pal, Roxie

My Best Pal, Roxie

Roxy is a miniature, long hair Dachshund and has been my best pal for almost 12 years now. She’s been a better friend to me than most humans I’ve known. She’s always nice to me and I love her dearly. She’s the best thing that’s ever been in my life. Say hello to everyone, Rox.

Bye for now.

6 thoughts on “Random Bits Of Craziness From The Hamster In My Head

  1. Hi Rox. Looks a little cheeky.


  2. Religious apologetic rules:

    State your assertions as fact.
    Never have any evidence to back your claims.
    If anyone asks for evidence…see #1.

    Hello Rox.


    • The thing that bothers about apologetics is exactly that. They will never admit they could be wrong. That’s why any debate they have with a scientist is meaningless. If evidence doesn’t support a scientific hypothesis it’s discarded, not apologized for and defended as a fucking fact.


  3. Let’s hear it for Roxy! Nice one Sir.


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