Morphine Dream


When the time comes

To go

I hope I go in a

Morphine dream


To be so sick as to

Need a drip that

Will gently bring a

Morphine dream


But not so ill

As to bring

A chill

Of pain

So bad

I wish

I had

Lived my life in a

Morphine dream

8 thoughts on “Morphine Dream

  1. Absolutely stunning, confronting and comforting at the same time. It reminds me of my mother’s passing and the fact that she was able to choose when she had had enough. I guess you could say she went out in a morphine dream and I’m pretty sure it was a pleasant one for her, strange as that may sound.


  2. Yup. That’s how I wanna cash my chips.


  3. That would not be a bad way to go, methinks.


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