Humming House Makes My Kinda Music

These guys liked one of my posts on folk music, so I checked out their blog and started following it, and them. This is my kinda music! The over all sound the group makes is superb, and the vocalist is outstanding. I really love her rendition of the Patsy Cline cover she sings in the video. Check ’em out.

20 thoughts on “Humming House Makes My Kinda Music

  1. Great video, thanks for finding & sharing. PS. I’m one of the followers of TACP’s singing. He really puts a lot of feeling and soul into each tune.


    • Nice, eh?


    • Indeed. I’m surprised she can belt it out from her diaphragm like that when she’s in that crouched position. It didn’t look like she was lip syncing. Impressive.


    • Pretty sure she wasn’t. I actually find it easier to sing when I’m sitting. I know that’s not correct form, but I feel more relaxed and comfortable sitting and I’m betting that has the benefit of keeping my jaw, throat, and stomach muscles relaxed.


    • Interesting. I started singing when I was a wee one — then did weekend gigs in a rock band in Washington, DC. I was the only female vocalist in the band. Then I got religion in a big way and spent years doing ‘special music’. Never did feel comfortable singing while sitting down. Still don’t.


    • I was in a plethora of musicals way back when i did theater and loved singing in those. I hadn’t sung in years, and don’t play an instrument, but wanted to sing the folk songs I love so much with the developmentally disabled folks I teach everyday at my job. I wasn’t sure I could do it well and have them enjoy it and sing along if I just did it a-capella, so I started doing it gradually to see if they liked it and to develop my own confidence in using just my voice to entertain and teach them. For some reason I’ve found this particular process easier to do sitting, at least when I’m first learning a song. I suppose there’s a subconscious sense of safety this provides me for an unknown reason.


    • That is really cool what you are doing with the developmentally disabled. As well as stepping out of your comfort zone. I happen to love listening to a-capella, but prefer signing with music as a ‘safety blanket’, lol.

      Kind of a small world. For several years I worked with the developmentally disabled — did workshops to educate the public, and helped in the implementation of group homes while working for the Association for Retarded Citizens. It was a rewarding job, which I didn’t consider a ‘job.’ I feel fortunate to have had that experience.

      Thought I’d share this video by Sigur Ros


    • Thx for the video. Many of the guys I work with have Downs Syndrome. I’d be there working today except that I’ve managed to turn a chest cold into pink eye and in both eyes! Which really sucks! My job is hard, challenging, exhausting, and rewarding, but back to singing. I now love singing a-capella and have developed quite the following among co-workers and residents where I work. I do want to hook up with someone, a female preferably, who plays guitar or the mandolin and can sing harmonies with me and I with her. Hard to practice THAT all alone. Peter, Paul and Mary had a sound I love and sang songs I really like. Though I also like to sing Elvis, Johnny Cash, CCR, and Bruce Springsteen songs too. Fun. I also love, and taught myself to sing, “Llorando”, the Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s song “Crying” and a beautiful Welsh lullaby called, “Suo Gan”, which is, like 200 or 300 years old. I had to learn that one phonetically because Welsh isn’t at all easy to pick up. This is stuff my guys love and without them, I’d never have even tried to do it. No faith or belief in a god gave this to me or made it possible. Human beings did. Interaction with real human beings.


    • Great comment. Right up my alley. I was involved in music most of my life. Played the clarinet thought elementary, Jr. and High School. Piano by ear. Always wanted to play acoustic guitar, and took lessons for a short season, but ‘life’ happened. Maybe someday.

      I think you have excellent taste in music. I listened to a lot of PP& M growing up. It was my dad’s favorite group for the longest. It was with this group that I gained a love for harmony. My little brother used to say to me “Why do you sing out of key?” LOL He ‘clearly’ didn’t appreciate harmony as a youngen. 😉 I never sang the melodies when listening to their music.

      Oh, speaking of harmony and folk music — I love this tune.

      Happy Friday.


    • Very nice. Lovely video and a nice song. Quite beautiful.


    • Here’s Charlotte Church singing the Welsh lullaby, “Suo Gan”. It’s a first person narrative sung by a mother to her baby telling him he is safe in her arms, nothing outside can harm him, and it is OK to close his eyes and sleep. I think it’s beautiful so I learned it and when I sing it in Welsh no one knows what the hell I’m saying so the fact that it is sung by a mother to her baby is lost on them, and no one is the wiser. Except you now, of course.


    • Beautiful. I looked up the lyrics.

      To my lullaby surrender,
      Warm and tender is my breast;
      Mother’s arms with love caressing
      Lay their blessing on your rest;
      Nothing shall tonight alarm you,
      None shall harm you, have no fear;
      Lie contented, calmly slumber
      On your mother’s breast my dear.

      Here tonight I tightly hold you
      And enfold you while you sleep,
      Why, I wonder, are you smiling
      Smiling in your slumber deep?
      Are the angels on you smiling
      And beguiling you with charm,
      While you also smile, my blossom,
      In my bosom soft and warm?

      Have no fear now, leaves are knocking,
      Gently knocking at our door;
      Have no fear now, waves are beating,
      Gently beating on the shore.
      Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you
      Nor alarm you, never
      And beguiling those on high.

      I’m impressed that you learned it. Welsh language is not as difficult to learn as learning Finnish or Danish, IMO, lol, but difficult nonetheless. Thank you for sharing. Charlotte is incredibly talented.


    • You’re right about the difficulty of Finnish and Dannish to learn. Hard. I first heard Suo Gan in an outstanding Spielberg movie called, “Empire of the Sun”. It was Christian Bale’s first movie. He’s like, 13 in it. Superb movie. I think Suo Gan sounds far more beautiful in Welsh than in English. It is often used in Shakespeare’s “Henry IV: Part One” in a scene where Shakespeare has a hand maiden sing “In Welsh” to Hotspur, I think, though I may be incorrect as to which character she sings it too.


    • “I think Suo Gan sounds far more beautiful in Welsh than in English.”

      Oh, I agree. Kinda like reading certain poetry in Old English. It’s a language of it’s own, and adds to the eloquence of, for example, a sonnet.


    • Jeesh, sorry about the typos, and the ‘narrow’ video. LOL I didn’t mean for it to embed. 😀


    • No problem. Typos swipos! oops.


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