Sarah Palin Says More War Will End PTSD

"The Only Way To End PTSD Is With More War," Says Sarah Palin

“The Only Way To End PTSD Is With More War,” Says Sarah Palin

Nuttylady Town, Alaska.   Sarah Palin today, after blaming President Obama for the PTSD which supposedly made her son beat up his girlfriend, claimed the best way to end PTSD is to increase the number of wars America is involved in.  “If President Obama weren’t such a sissy, and black, we’d have destroyed ISIS already,” Governor Palin said earlier.   “He’s so weak, he’s practically a girl.  I happen to have the personal addresses of every ISIS member in the world.  I’ve offered to give these to President Obama on the condition he carpet bomb the cities where the addresses are located.  Instead of taking me up on this offer, Obama suggested I needed serious psychiatric help.  What an effeminate, liberal, black guy.  We’ll never end the PTSD that caused my son, who never saw combat, BTW, to beat the shit out of his girlfriend until we bomb the crap out of most of the world.  The only country that matters anywhere, is America.  That’s what Jesus said when he and our founding fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution sometime in the early 1950’s, and that’s the only reality I see.  Screw liberals, screw black guys who are President, and screw anyone who doesn’t want to bomb the fuck outta shit!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!!”

In Foxholes


There are cries and prayers in foxholes

To gods

That do not listen


They are not there


In the center of all

Men about to


There burns an ember of



Fear in the

Knowledge that this


Is all

And once it passes

There is no more


In foxholes,

Where men cry out to

Gods that do not listen


They are not there,

The sound of death

Is feared



Once it is


All men in foxholes know,


There are no more

Sounds left

To be heard


All men in foxholes

Know and fear

This truth:

The end

Is really,

The end