Elmer Fudd Says He And Donald Trump Falsely Accused Of Pussy Grabbing

"I would kwill a wabbit, but nevwer gwag a pussy witout consent," says Elmer Fudd

“I would kwill a wabbit, but nevwer gwbag a pussy witout consent,” says Elmer Fudd

Palm-To-Pussy Village, Ohio.   Elmer  Fudd, of Warner Bros. cartoon fame, said today that he and Donald Trump have been falsely accused of grabbing women by the pussy without their consent simply because they’re stars.  ” It’s totawy rididwoulous,” Mr. Fudd said earlier today.  “I would nevewer gwag a wady by her pussy if she didn’t want me to.  And Mr. Twump wouldn’t eithewer.  Hillawy Cwinton and her evil followers are da ones saying dis.  Donald Twump is awesome ‘n he wuvs Aemrwica!  I will shoot to death anyone who disagwees wit dis.  So sayeth me, Elmew Fudd, Bugs Bunny’s # one nemesis.  Scwuw wiberals!  An’ scwuw doze who hate Donwald Twrump!”     We at The Arm Chair Pontificator would like to thank Mr. Fudd for offering an opinion that reflects the belief of 98% of Americans.  Donald Trump is America’s man, and Donald Trump will be America’s leader as of 11/09/16.  God bless America, and God bless Donald Trump.   $Amen$